CANCUN - A dream I saw with open eyes

News4u-Travel Desk- After about 36 hrs of back breaking air travel, I a tlast landed at Cancun. Checking into a hotel, I tried in vain to grab a few winks. However the jet lag kept me awake as I kept thinking of the excitement in store for me.

With the first glimmer of the morning light I got up, dressed and went outside. The hotel itself was standing on a lagoon with crystal clear water caressing it from all sides.

Yes, Cancun is the blessed child of mother nature, There are white sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters, small hotels and expansive resorts. Its a rare combination of nature and man made luxuries for those who love to enjoy life and yet thirst for some peace of mind.

My mind was full of the Mayan Civilization, I had read so much about. Since the Mayan Calendar became the most talked about news item, I had been craving to have look of it at close quarters.UNFCC gave me a rare chance to be in Cancun and there I was charmed by whatever I saw.


Situated on the coast of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, Cancun rests along the shores of the turquoise blue Caribbean. This south east Mexican site was specifically designed to be one of the worlds most vibrant tourists destinations.

With an endless variety of activities and amenities, surrounded by lush extensive natural reserves Cancun is heaven for the tourists. A visit to Cancun is the perfect opportunity to experience the wonders of nature, ranging from exploring jungles to the world’s second largest barrier reef.

Cancun, with its almost 5000 archeological sites,overwhelms you with the history of ancient Mayans. An ancient culture whose influence is felt and revered even to this day.

I felt very close to the people of Cancun. The most surprising thing I experienced there was that no body looked at me as a stranger , a foreigner. May be because Mayan culture and civilization seems to be just an extension of the Indian Civilization. The temples, the painted murals with mythology woven into them, the Mayan trinkets, pots and pans,the knowledge of astronomy, mathematics and inspite of all these, an attraction towards the black magic, felt so familiar that I became one with the hustle and bustle of the Cancun.

From Cancun one can visit some of the greatest ruins in the world such as ‘Chitchin Itza’, recently named as one of the new seven wonders of the world. Then there is Tulum, just a drive away.

Along the shores of Cancun a multitude of water sports and other recreational activities await the tourists. Adding to this natural setting is a world class infrastructure including over 25 marinas and water sports, manned by expert guides and professional operators.

Deep sea diving, wind surfing, para -sailing and catamarans are some of the sports that make Cancun much sought after destination for tourists. The Cancun beaches invite you to walk through the Sian Kaan Biosphere Reserve beneath the watchful eyes of Macaws, Loucans and flamingos.

The streets of Cancun are no less attractive with 2000 shops, boutiques and stores with merchandise ranging from local artisan craft to haute couture. For your tired body there are spas equipped with most modern facilities.

The Golf Courses of Cancun are a treat to the sports lover, bringing in this game’s greatest names to the superb links. For those who love to dance there are discos with world renowned musical acts that take the stage in Cancun’s lively bars.
There are hotels, big as well as small to cater to the needs of the tourists with breath taking views of the water, now tranquil and now lashing at the shores.

I loved Cancun’s multifaceted persona. Yes, Cancun is alive and kicking even when you are lost in deep sleep. Its a dream which I saw with my eyes open. I lived that dream for a full week taking away its memories for as long as I live.



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