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Shah Rukh Khan detained for two hours at a New York airport

News4u-Entertainment Desk-NEW YORK: Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan, who arrived here to visit the Yale University, was detained for over two hours at a New Yorkairport.

Before addressing the students at the Yale University, which is three hours from New York, Khan said, he was “detained” at the airport “as always happens”.

Khan, who has been named a Chubb Fellow, was accompanied by Neeta Ambani and they were understood to have arrived in a private plane at the New York’s White Plain airport.

Ambani’s daughter is a student of Yale University. Sources told PTI, while everybody else were cleared by the immigration immediately, Khan was stopped for over two hours before being cleared by the immigration officials.

“Khan was very very upset at the episode. Yale University officials had to contact the Department of Homeland Security and the Immigration and Customs Department at Washington, when they come to know about his detention,” sources said.

In 2009 also, he was stopped at the Newark airport and was released after two-hour of grilling.PTI



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Don 2 (Movie-Review)

News4u-Entertainment Desk-courtesy toi- Don ( Shah Rukh Khan) is back, with characteristic savior faire. This time he has a monumental heist plan where he wants to steal the currency plates of the Euro from a high security vault in Berlin and disappear into the horizon as a free bird. Does he succeed? Specially when there is hot cop Roma ( Priyanka Chopra) doggedly chasing him….

Movie Review: Don 2 is a classic action/crime thriller that doesn’t let go, even for a moment. More importantly, the plot has been finely crafted, with every twist and turn falling into place like a complicated albeit neat little jigsaw. With a canvas that goes on a cross-country ride — Thailand, Malaysia, Zurich, Berlin — the film challenges you to hop aboard its high speed scuttle and attentively follow the exploits of its glamorous gangster. One who oscillates between two avatars — Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible) and James Bond - without losing out on his desi charisma.

The high point of the film is Shah Rukh’s delineation of the character of the Don. The actor interprets him as an arrogant, agile, wicked and wild dare-devil who has the most bizarre schemes up his sleeves. But that’s not all. He also has the chutzpah to carry them through. Taking off from the climax of the first film, the gangster resurfaces in Thailand after a suitable time span, creates mayhem and then, in an unprecedented and inexplicable move, surrenders before his old enemies (cop Roma), only to be sent to a Malaysianprison. Get ready for a breath taking prison-break sequence, where our maverick escapes with another old foe, Vardhan ( Boman Irani). The rest of the film is essentially the execution of a meticulous plan where the duo chooses to rob the Germans of their currency plates. Easier said than done, but with the devious Don, rest assured, no mission is an impossible mission. Shah Rukh remains in command and never loses his foothold, neither through the dramatic sequences nor through the action cuts. But of course, didn’t we know the actor always loved playing wicked despite his romantic hero image. Remember Darr and Baazigar, two of his unforgettable films?

Action is the other alluring selling point of Farhan Akhtar’s film. The chases, the fights, the demolition, destruction, break-ins, escapes have all been done with a finesse that rivals the best of Hollywood. Watch the car chase between Priyanka and Shah Rukh and you’ll get the point. It’s not only high voltage that drips with passion which makes it seem almost like foreplay. The other notable sequences include the heist, the escape and Shah Rukh’s larger-than-life leap from a high-rise while his assassin wrings his hands in dismay.

The film does lack a bit on the emotional quotient and human relationships are hardly given a chance to grow. But just when you think it’s all sound and fury, there’s a sensuous tango between Roma and the Don as the cop opts to help the gangster she once loved and the gangster is determined to save his junglee billi (wild cat), any which way. A word about the dialogues: brilliant. A word about the music: mediocre (Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy).


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Shah Rukh praises Amitabh as the original Don

News4u-Entertainment Desk-

The ‘Baadshah’ of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan today described megastar Amitabh Bachchan as the “cent per cent original Don”, adding that Don 2 was inspired by the 1978 film starring Big B.

“Amit ji is cent per cent Don and I have full respect for him,” SRK told reporters on his maiden visit to Patna to promote his film, ‘Don 2′, set for a release world-wide tomorrow.

Flanked by co-star Priyanka Chopra and film director Farhan Akhtar, the 46-year-old actor said, “We have been inspired by Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Don’ and filmed ‘Don 2 - The King Is Back’ to get accepted by the new generation.”

The other characters are played by Boman Irani, Lara Dutta, Kunal Kapoor, Aly Khan and Om Puri.

The movie is a sequel to 2006 film ‘Don’, which was a remake of the Bachchan blockbuster with the same name.

In the movie, Shah Rukh plays the evil character of Don, who has his sight set on dominating the powerful European underworld after conquering Asia.

Don shifts his operation from Kuala Lumpur to Berlin to avoid assassination in order to rule the shady European underworld but has to contend with the existing mafia bosses and law enforcement agencies.PTI


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Film promotion is like election yatra: Shah Rukh Khan

News4u-Newws Desk- 

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is travelling the country and beyond to promote his upcoming film ‘Don 2: The King Is Back’ and he feels the same as being part of an election campaign.



The 46-year-old actor, who rigorously promotes all his films, is currently in Ahmedabad with the ‘Don 2′ team.



“Off to Ahmedabad, kem cho?? And then Jaipur, Ghani khamma!! Our promotions feel a little like yatras during election times… ha ha,” Shah Rukh posted on Twitter.



The actor, who will reprise the role of the most notorious criminal in the world, began the promotion of the film in Dubai.



Next the team planned to begin their multi-city promotion tour in India from Patna. However, they had to fly straight to Nagpur and skip Patna due to security issues. ‘Don 2: The King Is Back’ stars Boman Irani, Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta in key roles. The film will hit theatres on December 23.




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SRK’s ‘Ra.One’ includes a tribute to Rajinikanth

News4u-Entertainment Desk-Shahrukh Khan’s most awaited film of the year, ‘Ra.One’ will pay a tribute to southern superstar Rajinikanth, whose ‘Endhiran’, a 2010 Tamil science-fiction film, broke many box office records.

Reports of similarities between ‘Endhiran’ and ‘Ra.One’ have been surfacing since SRK’s film went on the floors but the Bollywood actor claims that his release is different.

“They (‘Endhiran’ and ‘Ra.One’) are different films. I will not like to talk about anyone else’s film but Rajini sir is respectable to all of us. Actually, we have a tribute to Rajini sir in our film. We love him,” Shahrukh said.

‘Ra.One’, a sci-fi superhero film directed by Anubhav Sinha, stars Shahrukh, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal in lead roles with Shahana Goswami, Dilip Tahil and Chinese-American actor Tom Wu in supporting roles.

‘Endhiran’ directed by S Shankar featured Rajinikanth in dual roles — as a scientist and an android robot — alongside Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Shahrukh said his film is indigenous and made in India.

“Everything you have seen is produced here… we are proud of it and have done a great job. We have taken the technology forward and we should be proud of it,” he said.

‘Ra.One’ will also be dubbed in Tamil and Telugu for the southern audience.

“Dubbing for Tamil and Telugu is going on simultaneously. Also, we intend to dub the film in German and some other languages,” he said.

‘Ra.One’ is all set to release on October 26.AGENCIES

Shahrukh Khan

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SRK, Kareena find a Presidential admirer in Medvedev

News4u - Entertainment Desk : That Shah Rukh Khan has a huge fan following world over is a given. What was however, surprising was the fact that even Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is an admirer of the Bollywood superstar.

When the Russian President was in Mumbai, he squeezed out sometime from his busy schedule to drop by on the sets of Ra.One to meet Shah Rukh Khan. Medvedev was also equally excited to meet SRK’s Ra.One co-starKareena Kapoor and even told her how popular her late grandfather (Shri. RajKapoor) still is in his homeland Russia. The President saw one shot, chatted with the actors, but had to soon bid them goodbye. SCREEN

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev talks to actor Shah Rukh Khan during his visit to Bollywood film industry complex in Mumbai.

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SRK turns 45, celebrates with ‘Don 2′ unit in Berlin

News4u-Entertainment Desk-agencies-Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan may be busy shooting for ‘Don 2′ in Berlin but he rang in his 45th birthday in style today, partying with his family and Hrithik Roshan in the German capital.

“Have not had so much fun on my birthday before,” tweeted Shah Rukh adding that he had partied with his children, Hrithik, Sussanne and the gang of ‘Don 2′.

“Thanks for making me feel so special everyone around the world. I am half way home now…but promise to keep u all happy in the next half,” wrote the actor who is fondly called King Khan by his fans.

Shah Rukh said Karan Johar could not make it to Berlin since he was down with malaria. On October 31, he attended the release of ‘My Name Is Khan’ in Rome which Karan had to give a miss due to his illness.

However, Karan posted a tweet after a long time to wish SRK. “So its SRK’s bday…a tweet is warranted!! To the man responsible for my career and dreams!! Thank you.. and love u lots bhai!!!,” he wrote.

Arjun Rampal, who has been dropped from the ‘Don’ sequel wrote: “Have a fab day and a fantastic year.. We will miss you here in Mumbai, big hug.. love Arjun.”

Extending birthday wishes to Shah Rukh, Ritiesh Deshmukh said that knowing and watching him has been a constant learning experience.

Among the other Bollywood personalities who wished SRK were fashion designer Manish Malhotra and actress Bipasha Basu.

SRK has had only one film this year ‘My Name is Khan’ which released in February.

However, the release was mired in controversy after Shiv Sena objected to his comments lamenting the exclusion of Pakistani players in the third edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

SRK stood by his comments and refused to apologise to the Sena. Posters of the film were torn at cinema halls in Mumbai and Thane by the Sena workers describing SRK as a “traitor”.

Cinema hall owners had to release the film in a phased manner on the first day to stop any attempts to attack the theatres.

The Maharashtra government put up a strong police bandobast outside theatres screening the movie and audiences also turned out in large numbers to watch the film.

On Sena working President Uddhav Thackeray’s 50th birthday in July this year, the party mouthpiece ‘Saamana’ carried an advertisement from the actor’s film production company ‘Red Chilles’ wishing the Sena leader.

Sena said the paper could not stop anybody from giving advertisements. MNS President Raj Thackeray ridiculed the

party during the recent election campaign in neighbouring Kalyan-Dombivali saying that when Sena workers were facing police ire for protesting against Shah Rukh, the party leadership was accepting advertisements from the actor.

Shah Rukh has not commented on this issue so far.

Shahrukh Khan turns 46

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Happy Birthday King Khan

News4u - Entertainment Desk : Legends have it that the second day of the November month is an extremely and extraordinarily auspicious day. No wonder then, the fact remains that those who have taken birth on this day, either become extremely successful in reaching out for the stars or become a star themselves. History has it that, they either become topnotch journalist,magician, an army officer, a sparkling NRI, advertising executive or police officer.

Well, there’s someone who smiled at the world on this very day and went onto ‘adorn’ all of the above mentioned professions, all in this very life. The world may know him by various names like ‘King Of Romance’, ‘Romantic Hero’, ‘Legend Of Romance’, ‘Magician of Pyaar, Ishq Mohabbat’, but, all of us better know him as the one and only Shahrukh Khan, the very man who celebrates his royal birthday today.

Shahrukh Khan turns 46

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Priyanka Chopra beats Big B, Khans on Twitter

News4u-Entertainment Desk-‘Desigirl’ Priyanka Chopra, an avid twitter user, has left behind Bollywood mega star Amitabh Bachchan, and three Khans- Shah Rukh, Aamir and Salman- when it comes to garnering maximum number of followers on twitter.

‘King Khan’ was running ahead of the Bollywood lot but his ‘Don’ co-star soon caught up with him. Priyanka is now on top with 652,822 followers while SRK’s followers are 649,515.

Priyanka follows 95 people on twitter including Big B,Shah Rukh and other industry friends while 12810 people have listed her on the microblogging website, which has become home to virtually every Bollywood star.

Interestingly, when it comes to Bollywood actress, no one is even near to Priyanka. Preity Zinta is the second female star from Bollywood to have the biggest fan following but her number is only half of Priyanka’s admirers on twitter.

Zinta has about 390,080 followers while ‘Om Shanti Om’ star Deepika Padukone is third with 85,226 fans.

Salman Khan, who has been in the eye storm for his comments on 26/11, is third after Shah Rukh. The actor may have decided to quit twitter following the controversy but that has also seen an increase in his followers.

Big B is fourth in the list with 417,558 followers but the number is likely to go up as the megastar is a new entrant to the world of twitter.

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra

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Up, close & personal ( Re published)

News4u-Entertainment Desk-Shah Rukh Khan as the henpecked husband or Salman Khan as mama’s boy? The inimitable Farah Khan reveals an unknown side to the movie stars in her upcoming talk show on television. In a freewheeling interview she holds forth on fashion accessories, food and interviewing filmi friends with aplomb
Let’s start with movies. Was it true that you fired Kylie Minogue while shooting for a song in Blue?

Why would I fire Kylie Minogue? Am I a mental person or what? (Laughs) She was absolutely lovely to work with. I must have fired somebody in the crowd. I think my voice sounds like I am firing someone!
Why do Hindi films have this fetish for foreign dancers?
The trend has been around for the last four-five years probably because they are good dancers and have great bodies. They wear revealing clothes and don’t look vulgar. Also, because movies are being shot abroad so when you are doing a song, you need foreign dancers. It started with Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham… and that was eight years ago. Karan flew down 50 dancers for the song You are my Soniye and most of them settled here. But like all other fads, this too shall pass.
You feature in a Nasreen Munni Kabir’s book on Women In Indian Film, so what has changed for women in the industry?
One thing that has changed for the better is that now actresses can have a career even after marriage. Aishwarya is rocking after marriage as is Kajol–she was the only one who worked after she got married and there was a demand for her. Women are still paid less than men and they have shorter career spans.
Is it true that that Mallika Sherawat is acting in your next film Happy New Year?
No. Shah Rukh Khan is the only one from the cast who is final.
Also, there is talk of you taking Shirish as one of the younger actors for the film…
Where are all these rumours coming from (rolls her eyes exasperatedly)? Let me tell you how this one started. I had gone for Shilpa Shetty’s event and the photographers present told me– ‘Shirish ko launch karo kyoonki woh bahut acche dikh rahe hain.’
I joked with them and said ‘Haan, next picture mein launch karti hoon.’ And the next thing you know is this. People have lost their sense of humour! I still have to finish writing the script. My daughter tore it!
What do you look for in people who work with you?
Quality. They should be talented. I love Shah Rukh and he’s wonderful to work with but I would never have loved him if he wasn’t talented. For a movie you have to be selfish and work with what’s best for the movie.
In a lighter vein, is there a casting couch to your films?
I wish there was! I keep telling SRK that we should do something about it. But jokes apart, if you cast for the wrong reasons you movie will never do well. At least I believe so. If you make a movie because you want to do the heroine or have fun on the outdoor, or just make money, it will never do well.
What’s your USP as a director?
I have an eye for making people look talented. I can make people act well according to the character. I know Shah Rukh, Zayed, Arjun, Deepika or Sushmita will be a little more special in my movie. If for some reason they can’t do something that I ask of them then I will work the camera around and make sure they look good in it. I am also very organised.
Ismail Merchant was known for cooking up a storm even when shooting—does food play an important role when you are at work?
Absolutely. If I get bad food, I’d be in a bad mood. My film set catering used to be personally selected by me. The cooks had to be changed every month so that you get a different taste. People from neighbouring sets would come to eat. Shah Rukh could not understand this obsession because he’s been having the same chicken for the last 20 years. And I would be like “Tomorrow’s breakfast has to be from Muthuswamy”. And after a week it would be a full English buffet. You have to have fun yaar to enjoy the process. I am such a foodie, somebody should offer me a food show. I totally envy Vir Sanghvi’s job!
So what’s your chatting-up-celebs style on Tere Mere Beach Mein? You had mentioned Oprah at one point.
I preferred Oprah though the channel had Ellen De Genre in mind so it’s a good mix of the two. But frankly speaking it’s my style I am not copying anybody. For television you have to be yourself which works for me because I am politically incorrect and have an opinion on everything. The idea is to not be boring.
The last time you spoke about your television show, you were quite firm that it would not have celebrities as guest. Tere Mere Beach Mein, however, has an impressive line-up of celebrities. What happened?
I wanted to do it without celebrities but the channel said they wanted celebs and finally, we reached a compromise. There are celebrities and a common person too. After all, Karan and Simi have done it and really well at that, so I wanted it to be different. It’s not about asking the stars about controversies and affairs plugging their movies—the viewers will take back something from the show. There are many inspirational stories from stars’ lives that people are not aware of. A lot of research went into that. Also, I insisted that celebrities don’t get a gift hamper as they have everything . So what we do is that we give a certain amount to a relevant charitable organisation. We also take something from them, which we will auction and use for my charity. People can bid for it on eBay.
Is it all very sombre then?
No. There are fun topics too. Salman and Shah Rukh for instance. Salman’s episode was about mama’s boys! About why the country is full of men who like Salman, live with mummy. In Salman’s case, Salma aunty is still cooking and sending him delicious food. And obviously no girl is good enough. And Shah Rukh came for the topic of a henpecked husband!
And what about others like Karan Johar and Sonam Kapoor?
Karan and Sonam’s topic was the transition from fat to thin—what people go through to lose weight and how they do it. Shahid and Genelia, spoke about comebacks. Shahid was so candid and Genelia when she heard the story of a regular life participant, broke down crying. John and Yuvi were a lot of fun too. In the pilot episode, John had to dance to Beedi jalayle as Bipasha had challenged him that he would be unable to do it.
Any other memorable episodes that come to mind?
You think it’s all fun and games, but it can take an unpredictable turn. And none of it is doctored. I also found out hidden aspects about the stars. The episode titled Ghar Ka Beta has Bipasha Basu–she has set her family–parents and sisters up in Mumbai, looked after them and done everything that is expected of a son. For freedom of youth in the country we got Neil Mukesh and Abhay Deol.
Are there no celebrities outside the film industry?
We do have cricketers like Yuvraj. The Pathan brothers talk about sibling rivalry. Yusuf has a wonderful sense of humour. We wanted politicians too but Laluji, who was supposed to be on the show, had a cataract operation. Maybe Season 2 will have more of that. At the end of it I also don’t want it to become NDTV We, The People. We are trying to make it a little glamorous. The channel is also right in saying that for the first season you need to grab the eyeballs and therefore the celebrity quotient.
You were also in talks with Colors for a talk show. And then again is the fiercely competitive scenario (in television) unnerving?
Yes, we (Colors) were supposed to do it but I got a better deal with Star, creatively and otherwise. As for being unnerved, I am no Jay Leno to be under pressure. The only pressure is to do something I have never done.
So what has been your learning from the show? Were there any bloopers ?
I had to remember that it’s about people on the show and not you. And, to ask the right questions at the right time… That took a bit of time to figure out. In the first show I was happily sitting on the sofa and there were a thousand overlaps! I also had to alienate myself as a director. I have also become adept at doing my own make-up. I do it in the car on the way to the studio so I can spend more time with my babies. I do my eyes and then I know exactly at which signal I have to do my lips!
As for bloopers, yes, there were lots of them and they will feature in the last episode.
What’s you style statement? Also, did you work on a look for the show?
My style statement is comfortable. Anything that fits and anything that makes me look slimmer (laughs). I was supposed to lose weight but I didn’t -there’s been just no time. When I aksed Salma aunty to be on the show, she said, “Give me two months to lose weight.” She’s just like me, she’s lost nothing.
Manish Malhotra and Babita Malkani have done the styling but this show won’t be about my look or style.
Would you buy a Louis Vuitton bag?
Never. After my god bharai, Gauri sent me a Louis Vuitton bag which I returned. I said that instead of this you can buy two Nano cars. I have Louis Vuitton bags, all gifted to me by Karan Johar. They are lovely but paying so much for them goes against my core middle class values.
Which television shows are you watching?
I am watching Sach Ka Saamna but it makes me queasy. And I feel terribly upset when they lose–paise bhi gaye and wahan ghar pe bhi maar padegi. It was shocking to realise that a normal middle class person has so many secrets and has done things you would expect only those in the film industry or high society people to do
I used to watch Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao but have stopped because people are only singing and dancing. Rakhi Ka Swayamvar I watched for Rakhi but it was so doctored and scripted that it wasn’t a reality show at all. There were over-the-shoulder shots and people were given lines–it was actually a fiction show.
Would you ever go Sach Ka Saamna?
(Guffaws) I will never come on Sach Ka Saamna!!! Never!! screen

farah khan

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