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India enter semis at Champions Challenge Hockey

News4u-Sports Desk-VR Raghunath slammed a golden goal in the last minute of extra-time as India beat Malaysia 5-4 in a thrilling match to advance to the semifinals of the Champions Challenge hockey tournament Johannesburg on Thursday.  


Raghunath sent a low shot into the left corner of the goal after a late recovery saw India level 4-4 in regulation period of the action-packed quarterfinal encounter.

The Indian goal had two narrow shaves in sudden-death extra-time when breakaway moves saw Malaysian strikers Faizal Saari and Izwan Firdaus in one-on-one position with goalkeeper PR Sreejesh, but delayed shots by the home side players allowed India stay in the contest.

The Indians were ahead 2-0 before Malaysia struck back to slam four goals.

Then, the desperate Indians scored twice in the last six minutes of the regulation period to take the game into extra-time.

Sandeep Singh converted two successive penalty corners, in the sixth and 23rd minutes to give India a 2-0 lead before Malaysia staged a remarkable rally and controlled the game until the 64th minute.

Izwan Firdaus opened Malaysia’s scoring with a field goal in the 33rd minute off a pass from Azlan Misron and India were leading 2-1 at half-time.

Misron got he Malaysian equaliser in the 42nd minute as he flicked past a crowded defence and over the Indian goalkeeper.

Malaysia’s third goal came on a breakaway move in 46th minute that caught the Indian defence off-guard.

Goalkeeper Sreejesh blocked the first shot from Tengku Ahmed who then slammed the board with a firm shot on the rebound.

Misron scored his second goal from Malaysia’s second penalty corner, deflecting Amin Rahim’s shot in a set-piece execution in the 56th minute.



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Malaysia Parliament passes street protest bill amid opposition

News4u - News Desk :

Malaysian Parliament on Tuesday passed a new bill that bans street protests and lays out rules for public assemblies, amid a walkout by the entire opposition and demonstration by rights activists outside.


The Peaceful Assembly Bill was passed with some amendments, though the opposition staged a walkout saying the government of Prime Minister Najib Razak was rushing the bill through.

The bill was passed with no dissenting votes after the opposition refused to take part in the debate.

Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia allowed just three opposition MPs to debate the proposed law.

The opposition wanted the bill to be referred to a Parliamentary Select Committee.

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim told reporters at the Parliament that he believed the law would be “more Draconian” than laws in Zimbabwe or Myanmar.

Six changes were made to the original draft of including the notice period required to be given to the police before a protest brought down to 10 days instead of 30, objections against a proposed assembly to be lodged with the police in writing within 48 hours instead of five days, and police to give a reply to organisers within five days instead of 12.

Earlier, hundreds of Malaysian lawyers, activists and opposition members marched to the Parliament protesting against the law which they said would stifle freedom.

The protest took place hours before lawmakers were scheduled to debate the Act proposed by the ruling coalition of Barisan Nasional. Critics say that the law could be repressive.

About 500 lawyers representing Malaysia’s Bar Council and rights activists chanted “Freedom to assembly” and “Freedom to the people” before being stopped by the police from entering the parliament complex.

They accused Najib’s coalition of rushing to get the law in place without consulting the public.

The ban on street demonstrations means rallies can be held only in stadia and public halls.

Children under 15 and non-citizens would be barred from attending rallies, which cannot be held near schools, hospitals, places of worship, airports or gasoline stations, and demonstrators who break the law can be fined USD 6200.

Officials have said the law is intended to strike a balance between public order and right to peaceful assembly but opponents warned it was against right to peaceful protest.

Amnesty International has called the Act “a legislative attack on Malaysians’ right to peaceful protest”.

Najib’s proposed Act will replace current legislation requiring a police permit for public gatherings, but critics say it proposes a range of prohibitive new restrictions.

Najib has said the act guarantees the right to peaceful assembly.


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Landslide leaves 7 dead near a Malaysian tourist spot

News4u - News Desk : Seven people were killed in a landslide triggered by heavy rain at an indigenous settlement in Malaysia.

The area, where the landslide yesterday buried several houses in a village, is occupied by “orang asli” tribe.

Police said search parties with tracker dogs found two survivors and recovered seven bodies near the hill resorts of Cameron Highlands during eight-hour rescue mission.

Dozens of families were also evacuated after three hillside homes were buried by a mudslide following heavy rains. PTI

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Malaysia inks refugee exchange pact with Australia

News4u - News Desk : Malaysia and Australia today signed a landmark agreement to swap and resettle refugees - a move aimed at deterring asylum seekers from undertaking boat journeys to Australia.


The agreement, which was announced in May by the Australian Premier Julia Gillard, was signed by Malaysian Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and Australian Immigration Minister Chris Bowen.

Under the agreement, Australia will send 800 asylum seekers to Malaysia in exchange for Australia resettling 4,000 registered refugees currently languishing in this Asian nation.

The process is expected to take four years to complete and will be funded by Australia, costing 940 million ringgit.

While the start date for the exchange of asylum seekers has yet to be finalised, the first batch of transfers is expected to take place this year.

Hishammuddin and Bowen said the deal reflected both countries’ commitment to solve human trafficking and other issues such as terrorism and arms and drug smuggling.

Hishammuddin said this agreement was the first of its kind in the world and an “out of the box” approach to tackling such issues.

Yesterday, Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor said in Melbourne that the Australia-Malaysia asylum seeker swap deal had already deterred a very large number of asylum seeker boat arrivals.


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Malaysia arrests over 1,000 as people join anti-govt rally

News4u - News Desk : Breaching a lockdown imposed by authorities, more than 50,000 people on Saturday poured onto the streets of Malaysian capital in the biggest political rally in years to demand electoral reforms.


People came out in large numbers for the opposition- backed rally to bring pressure on Prime Minister Najib Razak’s long ruling coalition to usher in electoral reforms and more transparency ahead of national polls early next year.

Police fired tear gas and detained more than 1,000 people as they sealed off all major roads leading to the city centre in the capital, closed train stations and deployed trucks mounted with water cannons to thwart the rally.

Leaders of the opposition parties were among those detained in a massive security operation to stall the rally, which failed as more than 50,000 people took to the streets, organisers claimed.

Protesters faced baton wielding policemen in front of the downtown bus station as they attempted to march to independence stadium, the venue of the rally.

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was injured during the protest.

The rallyist broke into three groups with some attempting to march to the king’s palace to handover a memorandum detailing their demands.

Among those arrested were Ambiga Sreenivasan and Maria Chin Abdullah, the two leaders of the Bersih, the opposition coalition that had organised the rally.

Thousands of other marchers were also trying to make their way to the venue, shouting slogans ‘long live the people’ and ‘we want electoral reforms’.

Police have declared the protest illegal, warning of chaos in the streets.

Hundreds of policemen, many armed with batons and anti-riot gear and backed by water cannon, were deployed in strategic locations around the capital.

The rally marked the culmination of a campaign launched by opposition parties who have accused Najib’s national front government of clinging to power for 54-years through electoral frauds.

The rally, called by the non-governmental organisation Bersih 2.0 (meaning clean in Malay language), was to be held at the city centre but after Prime Minister Najib suggested that the march be held inside a stadium, Bersih chief Ambiga Sreenevasan agreed.


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Hackers target 51 Malaysian government websites

News4u-News Desk- KUALA LUMPUR: Hackers have attackedMalaysian government websites following a threat by the “Anonymous” activist group which accused Malaysia of censoring the Internet, authorities said on Thursday.

Fifty-one government websites were targeted, causing disruptions to at least 41 of them, theMalaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) said in a statement.

It said the attacks on websites with the domain started shortly before midnight Wednesday and lasted several hours, but appeared to have caused little damage.

“The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission confirms that there were indeed attempts to hack several websites,” it said.

“However, we do not expect the overall recovery to these websites to take long as most websites have already recovered from the attack,” it added.

The commission said it would work with enforcement agencies, security experts and service providers to keep the situation in check.

Malaysian authorities had Wednesday braced themselves for cyber attacks after Internet activists Anonymous warned on a website that they would target the government portal

The website was still down on Thursday. MCMC did not specify which websites were hacked, only saying its own site was targeted but that the hacking attempt was unsuccessful.

Anonymous sabotaged Turkish sites last week to protest against Internet censorship.

Its Malaysia attack plan threat followed an order by the MCMC to Internet service providers last week to block 10 file and video-sharing websites that it said violate copyright laws.

The hackers explained the rationale for the attack in a YouTube clip, claiming that Malaysia’s censorship was an erosion of human rights.

Malaysia’s media operate under strict censorship laws but websites have remained relatively free — despite occasional raids, bans and government criticism — due to an official pledge not to censor the Internet.

The Internet freedom commitment was made in the mid-90s to attract foreign investment to the high-tech sector.

Anonymous, an international hackers group, rose to fame with a series of attacks on websites linked to the Church of Scientology.

The group gained further prominence after launching retaliatory attacks on companies perceived to be enemies of the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks..AFP

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Malaysia conducting special course for Tamil schoolteachers

News4u-News Desk- ANI-KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Education Ministry is reportedly conducting special courses to improve Tamil schoolteachers’ teaching skills.

The Star quoted deputy minister in the prime minister’s department, SK Devamany, as saying that the course would train them to teach English in Tamil schools and Tamil in the national schools, which are facing shortages of teachers.

Devamany, who is also an MIC vice-president, said this was the first time the ministry was conducting such a course, and added that the aspirants should be below 35-years-old and must submit their applications before May 16.


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Devotees flock ‘miracle’ Gurudwara in Malaysia

News4u-News Desk- Kuala Lumpur, (PTI) Devotees are flocking a Gurudwara in Malaysia after a Sikh holy symbol reportedly appeared on the ‘rumala’, a yellow cloth covering the Guru Granth Sahib.

The minority Malaysian Sikh community were awestruck after a ‘Khanda’ image was seen forming on the ‘rumala’ at the 97-year-old Sahib Serdang Lama Gurudwara here last week, New Straits Times reported.

When a garland, offered by a devotee, was being placed on the rumala, drops of water fell onto the rumala and formed a patch resembling the Khanda, legal secretary Jasvinder Kaur said.

“From about 8.30 pm, there was lightning and thunder as devotees were reciting prayers. As we completed our prayers, I looked up after bowing to Guru Granth Sahib and I saw with amazement the Khanda forming on the rumala,” she said.

There was also a smaller image of the Khanda on the lower left side of the cloth.


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Malaysia vital market for Indian engineering goods

News4u - Business Desk : Hannover (Germany),(Bernama) India attaches “great significance” to Malaysia which has emerged as a “very important market” within the Asean region fo India’s engineerng products.

This assessment was given by a senior official of India’s engineering export council in an interview with Bernama at the ongoing Hannover Industrial Fair where India, China, Taiwan and South Korea have large contingents of exhibitors running to more than a hundred each.

Malaysia has 16 exhibitors at the show which is rated as the world’s most important showcase of a wide range of industrial products.

“Malaysia is an important market for Indian engineering goods which are characterised by a high level of sophistication. PTI


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No more concessions on issue of novel: Malaysia

News4u-News Desk- Kuala Lumpur, The Malaysia government today said it will not concede any more demands of groups who are trying to “politicise” the issue of a Malay novel’s inclusion in the school curriculum, and that a panel’s decision to drop objectionable portions was final.

After groups of ethnic Indians raised objections on the novel ‘Interlok’ which they said offended their sensitivities, a government-appointed panel decided in favour of dropping the objectionable references but rejected the demand of removing the book from the curriculum.

Deputy premier and education minister Muhyiddin Yassin said the discussions and controversy over the novel had been resolved and the government will not compromise or bow to demands from any party on the book.




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