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‘Insecurity is a good thing’

News4u - Entertainment Desk : With Aarakshan, among the most-awaited releases this year coming up, Deepika Padukone, arguably the prettiest face in the film’s cast, is back in the news. Not that she was ever out of it –– considering her personal equations make as much news as her professional achievments. Padukone, in a remarkably short time, has claimed the tag of a rising star to watch out for. After a high- wattage debut in Om Shanti Om that won her Screen’s Most Promising Newcomer Award and then some more, to her credit, Padukone is not resting on her laurels. She has, since starred in a variety of films ranging from an action comedy like Chandni Chowk To China, Ashutosh Gowariker’s period drama, an underdog, slice-of-life story like Lafangey Parindey and of course, romantic films.


Ashutosh Gowariker, who directed her in Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey in an interview, had said that she was easily among the best actresses in Bollywood, and director Imtiaz Ali is no less flattering in his estimate of the young star.


“Deepika has a great emotional quality that will always stand her in good stead. I can see that she has a great journey ahead as an actress. I have seen her as a child-woman having the principles and values of the middle-class and yet never forgetting that she is also a film’s heroine and stepping up to match the demands of being a diva. She is making changes in her appearance, looking the part. Yet she retains the innocence of the middle-class South Indian girl she came in as.”


Fortunately, the young star’s perception of herself is not at odds with the industry’s opinion of her. Admittedly, she is hungry for better roles, is extremely ambitious and will not cow down from speaking her mind or holding on to values dear to her. A diva in the making indeed.


Aarakshan is very different from your earlier work, so what made you take up a film centred around a socially-relevant issue?


Aarakshan is a very relevant and informative film. Every section of society will be able to relate to it in some way or the other because reservation exists, be it in school and colleges or in jobs. College-going kids will be able to relate to it because we are not talking only about reservation in society but about how the education system has become corrupt. Because of aarakshan, people believe that coaching classes and tuitions are a must and today your child can’t pass an examination without them. I remember when I was in the 10th standard everybody made it such a big deal. As it is, you spend 8 am to 3 pm in school preparing for board exams and then you spend extra time and money on tuitions. If you went to some particular people for extra classes, especially in Physics and Mathematics, you were guaranteed fabulous marks. I didn’t enroll but I still passed my exams with decent marks but all my friends went for coaching classes.


So what character do you play in the film?


I play Saif’s love interest. Saif plays Deepak Kumar, who belongs to the underprivileged class in the film and eventually that creates a conflict between my father, played by Mr Bachchan, and Saif’s character, which pulls me in opposite directions.


What was it like to work with a renowned director like Prakash Jha whose films engage in serious subjects like kidnapping, political intrigues etc?


Apart from the political or social issue, Prakashji knows how to sum up a film with the right amount of music, drama, romance and lighter moments. I felt that Raajneeti was a complete film. The subject was so heavy but there was drama and lighter moments too. There’s something in the way he makes his films—it keeps you engaged for two hours.


I had met him while he was making Raajneeti but it was not specifically for any project. After Raajneeti released, I got a call from him saying that he’d be making his next and that he would like to meet me. So I met him at his office and he gave me a full narration. But for me it was like a lesson in Indian history, the Mandal Commission, how the reservation started and how in the last 60 years it has made society very complex. Apart from the script he was telling me about government policies, citing particular incidents and I completely understood because I have been to school and college and you see the SC /ST category on the forms you fill, so I definitely felt the need to be a part of the project.


Is there any particular way in which you work on a film like this?


I am very comfortable with Hindi, but since in his films it is pure Hindi as opposed to Hinglish (mix of Hindi and English), I asked him to give my dialogues before because there were certain words that we don’t use everyday. So I wanted to learn the new words and their meanings. I don’t like dialogues to come in the way of my performance. You should know them so well that you can concentrate on your performance and breeze through a scene. In fact you should be able to convey the mood through your emoting and expressions and not necessarily through dialogues.


You have worked with Big B in Aarakshan and Rajinikanth in Rana—how was it sharing screen space with stalwarts?


One’s career is definitely incomplete especially for someone of my generation— if you don’t work with an Amitabh Bachchan or a Rajinikanth. It’s an overhwelming feeling. It is exactly the way I felt when I was working with Shah Rukh. Both belong to a different generation but it is amazing to work with people like them because I have seen them in movies since the time I was growing up. They are superstars and I was in complete awe whether it was interacting with Amitji or Rajini-sir. The kind of aura and the buzz they have by their sheer presence is amazing. I have done a whole day of interviews with Amitji and people’s tone completely changes in front of him. They forget their questions, start fumbling etc. I guess that’s the power he has.


How was it working in a big-budget Tamil film like Rana? Are you fluent in Tamil or with your lines be dubbed?


Rana is in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. We will shoot the film in Tamil and it will be dubbed in Hindi and Telugu. I have only shot one song so I haven’t come to the dialogue part of it yet. What has happened is unfortunate, since Rajini-sir was really unwell, I don’t have the heart to speak about the film. I have been in touch with his daughter Soundarya even while they were in Singapore and now they have come back, so we connect. Right now, we just talk of his health because it does not seem the correct time to discuss anything else.


Considering you hail from Bengaluru, how fluent are you with the South Indian languages, namely Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu?


I am familiar with Kannada as I am from Karnataka. I have done a song in a Telugu film for a director called Jayant because it was a very sweet romantic film with two newcomers. I felt that if my being a part of their film was going to help then I would be more than happy to do that. The film has not released yet. I understand Tamil because a lot of Tamilians work in Karnataka and like Hindi or Marathi, if people are speaking it around you, one gets familiar with it.


So what’s next?


I have almost finished Desi Boyz for which just two or three days of shoot remains. It will release in November. It’s set in the recession years with two buddies sharing an apartment and how the things they do to make their girlfriends happy. I would say that it’s a romantic comedy though there is more comedy than romance. Rohit Dhawan has brought in all the right ingredients to make an out-and-out commercial film, which is both refreshing and fun.


Four years, 12 films later, do you feel more confident as an actor?


I still feel very new. I still feel that I have a lot left to achieve. There are a few films that I may say I have carried on my shoulders eg: Lafangey Parindey but it’s nice that my being a part of the film adds more value than when I started three years ago. I like the fact that I still enjoy what I am doing, I don’t feel overworked or tired because if you do, then you are not doing something right. I am really hungry and I have a lot more films to do, a lot more people to work with.


Does Aarakshan mark a phase of choosing tougher, more challenging films?


I think that happened to me right from the start wherein I took a chance like Karthik Calling Karthik or Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey. Their fates at the box-office is a different matter but I have gone through that phase of being offered different kinds of roles and my being willing to experiment. I think I now need to become a little more choosy about the films I take on.


Which would you say have been your favourite films so far?


The most special films would definitely be Om Shanti Om and Love Aaj Kal because they stood out at a time when the line between conventional and unconventional is completely blurred. Most awaited films have not done as well and the unexpected entries have. OSO had all the ingredients that would make a hit film but maybe Love Aaj Kal did not. People could have thought it to be too forward despite the Punjabi old-fashioned track.


What’s Cocktail, your third film with Saif about? Also, Saif and you seem to work well as an on-screen couple.Comment.


My character in Homi Adajania’s film goes through a complete transition. Saif is a very informative co-star. If he’s sitting here, he will adjust himself four times, then he will say something, then his mind will wander. I don’t know what it is but he’s very entertaining and it’s nice because now I know him better than I did during Love Aaj Kal. And obviously when you repeat two or three films with the same co-star you become familiar with his pattern of performance, the way he functions on the set etc. But it’s been nice. I definitely feel he is one of the finest actors we have.


Several actresses are now turning producers -would you follow that trend?


Not right now. I am so new myself to the whole business of filmmaking. I am just about beginning to figure out the craft, films I enjoy doing and things that I should avoid, so I don’t think I am ready yet to put a project together. Of course, there is no ideal situation but maybe a couple of years later…


Despite the ups and downs in your personal life, you have maintained a professional discipline…Comment.


Tough times or not I have always been committed and disciplined and I credit that to being a sportsperson. If you have been a sportsperson in your life, somewhere punctuality, discipline and dedication come in naturally. Maybe a little more than others. And if people think that of me that’s great because these are things that people remember you for. When I finish a film, I don’t want my producers to ever feel like, “Phew! Thank God!”


Imtiaz told me something that I will always remember. When we were shooting for Love Aaj Kal, I had to leave to shoot a song of Bachna Ae Haseenon. I was absent from the set for about five days and when I came back, Imtiaz said, “You have the ability to be missed.”


It really meant a lot if people enjoy my presence — and I am not a loud, attention-seeking sort of person, giggling and laughing. I keep to myself and even in that space if people feel that something is missing, it’s a huge compliment. I want producers to remember me not just because I was a part of the film but also the way I made it easy for them beyond just the film.


Was it difficult to get accustomed to the way the film industry functions?


Did I find it difficult to get used to the functioning of the industry? No. But it has taken me a while to understand why things work a certain way. I am extremely ambitious and since childhood I have been extremely focussed about what I want, so even if it was difficult, I didn’t realise it at all.


Are you politically correct?


I am often asked this question but then if things I say are blown out of proportion then I can’t possibly be politically correct. Either people are contradicting themselves or I am being inconsistent. I don’t think I plan my interviews. I guess it’s the way I have been brought up. My dad has always taught me to be humble and dignified, so maybe it comes from that.


Do speculations and comparisons bother you?


The constant speculation about any aspect–– professional or personal –– can be a little stressful but I am not complaining because I understand that that’s the way it is.


I have not had any obvious comparisons but at the same time I have always believed in the larger picture. What is important is to be able to sustain and be here in the long run. There will be a few hits and a few misses. But Shah Rukh, Aamir and Salman are superstars today because no matter who has come in, they remain. They have huge hits and a few flops but they have been rock-solid. Yes, a guy’s shelf-life is much longer, that’s why for an actress it is more difficult because in a shorter span you have to achieve a lot. Everyone has a different career-graph. Comparisons are inevitable. You can’t help that but I think what I want is to be rock-solid and to be up there irrespective of who comes and goes.


Who are your favourite actors/actresses from the younger lot?


From the new lot I really like Ranveer. I watched Band Baaja Baraat and there is something about him that I really liked. He has tremendous screen presence and a certain amount of energy and confidence that I really like. The actresses are all good and talented. Having said that, it is a very competitive business.


Are actresses more insecure around each other?


I don’t know. I am sure we all make each other insecure at some level because it is a very competitive industry. There is a short shelf-life, there are x number of projects, and x number of top heroines and everyone is vying for the same projects so of course, it is competitive. I believe insecurity is a good thing.


Would you now be working with new directors?


I have already worked with newcomers Danish, Rohit and even Love Aaj Kal was Dino’s and Saif’s first home production. Not many people know this but I had signed Love Aaj Kal even before Jab We Met or Om Shanti Om had released. Imtiaz was also signed before Jab We Met so we haven’t gone by each other’s success. Having said that, it’s also important to work with people who have some credibility because at the end of the day, you want your film to do well. I have heard so many stories of people who have worked for months and their films never saw the light of the day. Fortunately, I have never been in that situation and I never want to be.


Which genre do you enjoy the most?


I can confidently say I enjoy doing a rom-com though, I feel that a good action film is still missing from my kitty.


People often speak of you being extremely poised so does that come in the way of being a good actor, which needs you to be uninhibited?


Cocktail will change the perception of me as being too poised, though poise in personal life is a good thing.


You have featured on the covers of all fashion magazines worth talking of, so how important is it for an actress to be a fashion icon?


Fashion should come naturally as it defines your personality. I don’t think it should ever look forced. I give comfort a lot of importance but it is important to be well turned-out at all times because your fans look up to you and are used to seeing you in a glamorous way. SCREEN


Deepika Padukone

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After Bipasha, Katrina, Deepika goes de-glam for Jha

News4u - Entertainment Desk :screen-There is something about Prakash Jha movies that allow the most glamorous of leadingladies to go plain and simple for camera. Whether it isBipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif or now Deepika Padukone, none of these actresses have had any inhibition whatsoever to leave their set image behind and turn into someone who is far more real and rooted.

“Half a decade ago it wasBipasha Basu who was fine being seen in a salwar-kameez or a saree for most part of Apaharan (2005). This was the time when she was mostly seen in glam avtar and was burning the screen with films like No Entry and Barsaat”, comments an industry observer.

“Last year it was Katrina Kaif who decided to let go off her Barbie image and played a mature character in ‘Raajneeti’. She was also seen in a saree while bearing a similar kind of persona as Sonia Gandhi”, he continues, “In fact it was her look in the film that was primarily responsible for all the rumours and speculations about the film being based on Gandhi ‘parivaar’.”

The entire argument around the leading lady carrying a simple look has been reignited all over again with Jha’s ‘Aarakshan’ up for release. The film features Deepika Padukone as the leading lady and expected she too would be going for a non-glam look.

“Deepika was just seen flaunting her mini-skirt in ‘Dum Maaro Dum’. Guess she did that to show her versatility, now that audience would be seeing her in a fully clothed avtar for ‘Aarakshan’”, a filmmaker says on condition of anonymity, “To adopt a non-glam persona as per the need of the situation isn’t new for her though. Last year too she had demonstrated that in films like ‘Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey’ and ‘Lafangey Parindey’ even though she had donned a bikini in ‘Housefull’ and ‘Break Ke Baad’.”

On questioned around why he chooses to make his leading ladies go de-glam for his films, Jha fires back, “I don’t know what you expect from glamour. Glamour is what is inside you and not outside.”

Though it does seem like a philosophical statement, Jha goes on to explain, “If you are good from inside, whatever you wear will make you look beautiful. There is a certain emotion that has to be brought out on screen when it comes to my films. When I develop an actor’s look, it is based on the character that he or she is playing rather than what does audience perceive of him or her.”

Hope audience agrees as well this time around too!


Deepika Padukone

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Wildest one ever!

News4u - Entertainment Desk : Deepika Padukone reflects on the sexy Dum maaro dum remix that is currently making news. 

This is not the first time that Deepika Padukone is performing an item number for a film. Following her blockbuster debut film OmShanti Om, Deepika was seen gyrating to Tu baby badi fit fit in Shah Rukh Khan\’s home production, Billu. But the sexy Dum maaro dum remix number she has done in Rohan Sippy\’s Dum Maaro Dum is creating quite a buzz for its suggestive lyrics, raunchy moves and a titillating tattoo on her super-toned stomach. While some say that the moves and lyrics are too loud, others are betting that it will race ahead of last year\’s super hits Munni and Sheila. Quite oblivious to the barbs, Deepika is quite tickled about the number and basking in the limelight.


What was your first reaction when RohanSippy approached you for the remix of Dum maaro dum?
I was overwhelmed that he wanted me to be part of the song, because it is such an iconic number.

Were you nervous because the remix was bold and sexy?
I wasn’t nervous or sceptical, because Rohan said that I could have a say in the look in the film, and at the same time be true to the script.


Did you feel that you would be compared with Zeenat Aman who was in the original?
Rohan’s take on the song was completely different from the original. There was no scope for comparison as the look, feel and mood were nothing like in the iconic number.


What about comparisons with the current favourites Munni and Sheila?
There should be no comparisons as my song is not really an item number. It is very much a part of the story. It comes in the middle of the film, but it is not detached from the script.


How did the shooting of the number go?
I rehearsed for a week before we started shooting because the steps were extremely difficult and I wanted to get them right on the day of the shoot. Bosco and Caesar, who choreographed the song, told me in the beginning that they would push me to the limit and make me do something that no one has ever done before.


So what has the response been like?
I have got an overwhelming response to the song, and the reaction in terms of the number of messages is the same as when Om Shanti Om released. It\’s the wildest dance form as I have done. In fact it is the wildest song anyone else has done.


How was it being part of an issue-based film like


Aarakshan, for which you have just finished shooting?
Reservation is rampant in India today, whether it is in getting admission in schools and colleges or getting jobs. The issue is very relevant in today’s times and that\’s what drew me to the film.


How do you rate debutant director Rohit Dhawan with whom you start shooting for DesiBoyz?
Rohit is very sure and clear about what he wants, but his biggest plus-point is that he is not intimidated by so many big stars around him. That’s nice, because as a newcomer you need to be confident of yourself, and of what you are doing.


What was your response when you were approached to act opposite Rajinikanth in Rana?
It was the same feeling when Farah Khan told me that she was casting me opposite Shah Rukh in Om Shanti Om. Until I start shooting, which will be sometime this month, I don’t think I will believe it. In fact it has not hit me as yet.


Are you doing Homi Adajania’s project with Saif Ali Khan and Heer Ranjha with Shahid?
After Rana, I am doing Homi’s film. It’s a love story and still untitled, and after that I am doing Race 2, which is a thriller. I was never in the running for Heer Ranjha. SCREEN


Deepika Padukone

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Deepika turns edgier for Dum for Dum

News4u - Entertainment Desk : For the first time, the pretty Deepika Padukone decided to re-fashion her pretty looks for a glamorous and sexy avatar.

Hey kya phir dekh raha hai, the peppy songin Rohan Sippy’s Dum Maro Dum will see the Bollywood diva in a never-before look, with a serpent and Dum maro dum tattoo sprawled across her thigh. The song is not an item number but a part of the story but promises to the highlight of the film, according to the director.

“I was very impressed with Deepika’s dancing prowess in Love Aaj Kal and wanted to explore this ability further, and show a new side of the actress. The number was conceived keeping her in mind,” said Rohan.

Bosco-Ceasar, who choreographed the number, said that the stunning tattoo makes a style statement and makes Deepika look really cool. “Every actor wants to explore himself and present a different look whenever he or she can. Deepika was very excited by this hardcore dance number with high energy steps, something she had never attempted before. And it’s really classy,” said Bosco. SCREEN


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Deepika doesn’t believe in break-up philosophy

News4u-Entertainment Desk-screen-One of the most gifted young talents of our industry; Deepika is an engaging and an honest conversationalist with a relaxed manner and a wicked sense of humour. Eagerly awaiting the mass verdict on her newfilm, Break Ke Baad (Release date November 26) this Friday, the actress shares her views on break ups, India’s youth mentality, her newly dissected audience and much more.

How long have you come since you made your debut in 2007?
I have come a long way since my debut but I still think I have a lot left to achieve for myself and I’m getting there. But there is much more I want to do.

How do you take ‘break up’?
I don’t identify with today’s youth mentality of breaking up with boyfriend or girlfriend. Yes, they are more practical but my thinking is rooted to our tradition. I’ve been brought up in a family where we put emotion before anything else. I respect my relationships and I am very traditional when it comes to maintaining them.

…which means there is a serious problem with men and women who break up?
Today, when I see so many relationships crumbling in front of my eyes, it’s something I don’t understand why. I guess it’s to do with one’s tolerance level. People are not ready to put up with problems anymore. Whenever there is a slight problem, people think that it’s over.

Tell us something about Imran Khan, your co-actor in the film.
Imran Khan has grown as an actor since his first film. I think Break Ke Baad will be his best performance so far. He has learnt with every film and he is the most spontaneous co-actor I’ve worked with. He is brilliant and you will soon see that on the big screen.

Do you share your personal life stories with your director so he can incorporate a few things here and there?
There are certain things that an actor keeps to herself and we don’t really share our own stories or experiences with the writers of the film we are working on nor do we share it with the director or producers. We are given a bound script and the changes are made by the director, and not us. Yes, we observe people and learn from real life experiences but we don’t necessarily talk about it.

Audiences are of the opinion that your role in the film is more powerful than that of Imran’s…
My character empowers Imran’s character and thus the audiences who’ve seen the promo thinks that I am dominating in the film than he is. But that’s how my role is etched. I play Aliya in the film. She is very aggressive and professionally she wants to achieve a lot for herself. These are things I identify with my role. The facts that she doesn’t believe in love and is immature in the film are the things, I, as a professional don’t identify with.

Does music inspire you?
I love listening to music. I think it can change your mood completely. As an actor, if you listen to some song and then you perform in front of the camera, it really helps to get you into the mood. I’d love to learn a musical instrument at some point in my life and when it comes to filming a dance number for the film, I am the happiest.

How was it to work with debutant director Danish Aslam?
One thing that really drew me to be a part of Break Ke Baad was Danish’s confidence. The script was tight. Danish Aslam has assisted Kunal Kohli and Yash Raj Films for more than seven years now and it’s his working experience that counts. He isn’t formal. He is relaxed and easy and for a film like this, it really helps.

Now that you’ve done Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey, you’ve dissected your audience!
There is a certain audience that wants to see me in romantic comedies and commercial cinema and then there is an audience who wants to see me in a role like I’m doing in Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey. So I’d love to do all kinds of roles because it is challenging for any actor or else you will always be stuck in a rut.

Deepika Padukone

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Deepika turns Heer for Heer and Ranjha

News4u-Entertainment Desk-The news can now be told. After having cast the teenage heartthrob Shahid Kapoor as the ‘Ranjha’ in his next film titled Heer And Ranjha, director Sabbir Khan has pulled off a casting coup by roping in Deepika Padukone as ‘Heer’.

Sabbir said, “Once I finished scripting, I felt that the Heer’s part needed somebody who is young and dynamic, as it’s totally an author backed role. At the same time, that person should have vulnerability as well as emotional depth. With so much in mind, I just couldn’t see anybody beyond Deepika for the role, as I feel that she is one of the finest female actors amongst the Gen-Next’s brigade.”

Sabbir also added, “Casting this pair together was due to the fact that, this was one pair which was everybody’s unanimous decision. To have as Deepika as Heer and Shahid as Ranjha, the film is nothing short of being fantastic. Everybody is excited to see the pair together!”

Since it’s a romantic story being retold, music will play prominence in the film. Talking about the music of Heer And Ranjha, Sabbir reveals, “Music is indeed a very integral part of this film. And I am so very happy to have Pritam on board for it. There are 6 songs in the film. The core of the music will be romance… music that will depict that it’s a love story, at the same time it’ll be contemporary. The music of this film will surely have lots of soul with a lot of modernity.”

The shooting of Heer And Ranjha will begin in April 2011.

Deepika Padukone in Heer Ranjha

Deepika Padukone in Heer Ranjha

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Break Ke Baad is not a ‘different’ film: Danish Aslam

News4u-Entertainmentourite love story is 500 Days of Summer and The English Patient. Then you ask him, “What about Break Ke Baad?” and he answers, “Of course yes. How can I miss that?” But that’s bound to happen considering the fact that Danish Aslam, the director of the Imran - Deepika starrer is almost a month away in delivering his feature debut Break Ke Baad.

When you meet the filmmaker, you come to know that he knows well the trials of young love and his educated twist on a clichéd genre that has become the talk of the town amongst the youth. On talking to him further, you tend to believe that he must’ve twisted the rom-com convention upside down and inside out. Although conventional wisdom says otherwise, men don’t want to watch romantic comedies. But that’s not true. Love stories like Wake Up Sid, Aisha and I Hate LUV Storys have had a sweeping effect over the men and women in their twenties. The question is - Will Break Ke Baad sustain the effect?

Bollywood’s newest find behind the camera, Danish Aslam, explains what led to Break Ke Baad, his actors and the characters they play:

Journey so far
“I’ve been an assistant director for about seven years. I did a lot of films as a freelancer, like Lakshya and Swades. At one point of time, I joined Yash Raj Films and assisted Siddharth Anand on Salaam Namaste. Then I assisted Kunal Kohli on Fanaa and went back to Siddharth for Tara Rum Pum, before moving to Kunal for Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic. Kunal’s last film was a co-production with Yash Raj Films and then he moved on to produce independently. Break Ke Baad is Kunal’s first leap into production and mine into direction. Let’s hope the combination works.”

Trigger point
“The original story draft was written by me. That’s what Kunal read and decided to produce the film. After that, I got Renuka on board to write the film with me. The screenplay and the dialogues are written by her. The title of the film was already decided before the first draft of the story was even complete. I always wanted that. The film is about a break up and relationships after that.”

Love is cliché
“Now-a-days, there are films which are made for the youth in a particular way, like Wake Up Sid, I Hate LUV Storys, etc. I love those films and support such films because that is one school of cinema that is on the rise. As for Break Ke Baad being a different film, I’d say it’s not different. It’s a love story. Love stories throughout the world aren’t different. They are the same.”

First aftereffect
“Everybody who has commented online or on Facebook or Twitter, my friends from and not from the industry, have all liked the first promo of the film. Tarun Mansukhani tweeted that he loved the songs because he had heard them from Vishal and Shekhar. The basic reactions have been coming after seeing the promo. It’s the promo that gives you the vibe of Break Ke Baad.”

Abhay and Aliya
“Deepika’s character in the film is very strong. She is level headed, ambitious and has set goals. Imran Khan on the other hand doesn’t have set goals. He plays Abhay in the film and discovers the serious side to himself. Deepika plays Aliya in the film and her journey in the film is to discover the romantic side in her. They both make this journey towards the centre and discover what both of them lack in each other.”

The only choice – Deepika
“I saw Deepika in Love Aaj Kal and I started to feel that she has emerged as a polished actor. In Om Shanti Om, I could only see her smile and no one else. Till now, we thought that she was decent and a pretty face who could act. But I really didn’t think that she would be able to pull of challenging roles. Love Aaj Kal changed my view point. She could do Aliya and she was the only choice. She has surprised me even after filming for the film.”

Comfort zone
“I didn’t start writing this film thinking that it is a safe film or a safe subject. Every director who writes his own script and directs his own film, writes and directs the film based on the experiences that the person has had or the space that person is comfortable with. I am comfortable with such films because my forte is love stories.”

Genre definition
“The first half of the film is set in Delhi as I have lived in Delhi for eleven years. A lot of the space and vibe the film occupies is from my own life. Where I go with my second film depends on what kind of story I feel like telling at that point in time. I don’t think I am still ready to make an action thriller because I don’t want to deviate from the genre I am good at. I don’t think a story should be told or a script should be written based on a genre.”

Imran Khan teams with Deepika Padukone for Break Ke Baad

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I’m fond of Ranbir: Deepika

News4u - Entertainment Desk : Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor ended their relationship and went their separate ways last year, but the actress still wants to work with her ex-beau as she is “very fond” of him.

“Ranbir is someone I’m very fond of, I’m really looking forward to working with him because I think we have not worked enough together,” the 24-year-old actress told reporters here at an event to launch the bridal edition of the Marie Claire magazine where she is on the cover.

Deepika and Ranbir were last seen in “ Bachna Ae Haseeno“.

Talking about how she got over her break-up, Deepika said: “I think everyone has a different way of dealing with it. Some people immerse themselves in work. I feel everyone has a certain strength within themselves to come out of any situation whether it’s a break up or anything else. So, as long as you believe in yourself, you can challenge anything.”

When asked about what helps her in coming out of painful moments or problems in life, the actress gave credit to her positive thinking.

“My support system like my family and friends play a major role. Apart from that I’m also someone who is very positive. I don’t give up very easily and I think that’s my strongest point,” she said.

So what is the kind of guy Deepika would like to tie the knot with?

“He needs to be my friend most importantly, a great companion, someone with whom I can spend the rest of my life, someone I can make good conversations with and also someone who understands my silence as well.”

“He should accept me with all my flaws. So it’s not just about romance, it’s also about the layers of romance that one feels,” she said.

And what kind of a wedding would she like?

“As girls, we all dream of this typical fairytale wedding, that’s what I hope for. The colour that I would go for, presently I’m very confused about that. But definitely I’ll go for an Indian wedding. However, I’m not getting married for another eight-10 years,” Deepika said. (TOI)


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Hope Rahul Gandhi becomes PM one day: Deepika

News4u-Entertainment Desk-Actress Deepika Padukone has praised Congress MP Rahul Gandhi as a “classical role model” for youth and hopes he leads the country as prime minister one day.

“I don’t know much about politics, but from whatever I see on TV; whatever Rahul Gandhi is doing makes him a classical example for the youth. Hopefully, he will be prime minister one day,” Deepika told DD News Correspondent in an interview.

Do you wish Rahul Gandhi becomes Prime Minister?

‘Yes, of course,’ Deepika told Manoj Tibrewal Aakash while appearing on the show ‘Ek Mulaqat’.

‘I think he connects very well with the youth. His thoughts and outlook are traditional, but at the same time he has a futuristic approach. I think this is very important for our country,’ added the actress who will be seen as a blind girl in her forthcoming movie ‘Lafangey Parindey’ releasing Friday.

Rahul Gandhi and Deepika Padukone.

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Deepika Padukone gets proposed in Delhi, says no!

News4u - Entertainment Desk : (PTI) She may be the dreamgirl for many but not everyone has the courage to go up and propose to Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone.

But the 24-year-old actress was shocked when a youngster went down on his knees and asked her, “Will you marry me?”

An amused Deepika turned down the proposal saying, “I am not ready for marriage yet.”

“But I am ready for you,” shot back the youth, which left the former model laughing.

Deepika, who turned up in a gorgeous white saree to promote her upcoming film ‘Lafangey Parindey’ along with co-star Neil Nitin Mukesh and his father, has constantly been linked to liquor baron Vijay Mallaya’s son Siddhartha.

The actress, who was previously dating Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor, was first spotted with Siddhartha at an IPL match cheering for his team Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Deepika Padukone

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