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Dara Singh passes away

News4u-Entertainment Desk- Wrestler-turned-actor Dara Singh, who was battling for his life in a Mumbai hospital since the last four days, passed away on Thursday. He was 84.

Singh was shifted back home on Wednesday night after doctors said he has “less chance of recovery” due to significant damage to his brain.

“He is already home. Please don’t follow us. When he breathes his last, I’ll let you know. There is no hope,” his son Vindu Dara Singh told reporters.

He was admitted to Kokilaben Hospital in an emergency condition on July 7. He had suffered a cardiac arrest and since then he has been in the ICU.

The Commonwealth wrestling champion entered film industry in the fifties and is known for his roles in King Kong and Faulad. He was last seen in Imtiaz Ali’s Jab We Met (2007) playing Kareena Kapoor’s grandfather.

Dara Singh had suffered cardiac arrest on July 7 and was rushed Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. He underwent dialysis and was put on ventilator, however, his condition continued to deteriorate.

To respect his wish – he wanted to breathe his last at his home - the family shifted him back to their residence yesterday evening.

Dara Singh personal physician Dr Agarwal said, “Yesterday, we brought him from hospital to home…his wish was that he be at his home between his family. He passed away at 7.30 am due to cardio-respiratory arrest, he had suffered paralysis a few years back, and he also had a very rare brain disease.”

Importantly, Dr Agarwal said that the ventilator and other support systems were removed only after his death.

The veteran actor had played the character of Hanuman in Ramanand Sagar’s epic television series Ramayan. Agencies

Dara Singh

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Life’s lesson: Education holds key to happiness

News4u-Features Desk-LONDON: Education does make you happier even if it may not make you richer, says a first of its kind study making a direct comparison between the two.

The study by the Office for National Statisticsin the UK found the higher people’s level of general education the more satisfied they were with their daily life and the more worthwhile they felt. The survey asked over 15,000 people to rate how satisfied they felt on a scale of 10 as well as asking them how worthwhile they felt their lives were.

Almost 81% of people with A-levels or equivalent qualifications were very satisfied , meaning that they rated their happiness levels at seven or above. But among those in the next educational group down the levels fell to 74%, the Daily Telegraph reported . Among trade apprentices it fell to 67% and only 64% of those with no qualifications were very satisfied.

When people were asked how worthwhile their lives were the contrast was even more stark, almost 85% with A-levels reported higher levels of self-worth compared to only 62% of those with no qualifications. PTI

Education holds key to happiness

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Software tools best way to monitor child on internet: Experts

News4u-Features Desk-  With children getting more savvy with Internet more to the point of hiding their activities, parents can outsmart them using simple software tools that dramatically reduce security risks, say experts.

Pointing out that direct monitoring may be of considerably less use as children today are smart enough to manage the user details and hide some activities, internet security firm Trend Micro’s country manager Amit Nath advocates installing parental control softwares.

“With an effective internet security system encompassing parental controls, behavioural monitoring, and rootkit detection and removal, parents can successfully monitor children’s activity online,” he says.

Highlighting the grave risk that children are exposed to when using the internet, a recent survey in ten Indian cities by global security tech firm McAfee had revealed that 62 per cent of affluent children share personal information online.

“The various risks associated with kids internet usage include inadvertent exposure to inappropriate images or content, solicitation by sexual predators in chat rooms and by email, cyber-bullying, cyber stalking, digital piracy, etc,” says Rohit Chaudhary, founder and CEO of

Agreeing that no parent can monitor children’s online activity real time, especially when parents are either busy working or are not that tech savvy, he says

Softwares available in the market can send a complete transcript of all the sites which have been visited on a particular computer and also block them accordingly.

Software tools best way to monitor child on internet

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Aditya and Shraddha right choice for ‘Aashiqui 2′

News4u- Entertainment  Desk- Director Mohit Suri, who will be making the sequel to Mahesh Bhatt’s 1990 hit romantic film ‘Aashiqui’, says it was right to zero-in on Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor as the lead actors.

“May be I am little choosy. It was due to casting that the film got delayed. We did not get anything worthwhile at talent hunt and it is not that we have settled for big star cast,” Mohit told.

“They are actors but they have only non-successful films behind them. I believed that they were right for the film. I am dying to start the film and we should begin next month.” he said.

In 1990, when Mahesh Bhatt made ‘Aashiqui’, it starred newcomers Rahul Roy and Anu Agarwal in the lead.

Bhatt is the producer of ‘Aashiqui 2′. The makers were in search of new faces for the film but the idea failed and they had to zero-in on star kids, who are one-two films old.

“It was a disastrous talent hunt. We discovered that people lacked the courage to audition.

Those who are amateurs went for audition…and people with certain talent were like why should we risk public rejection.

So we found this boy (Aditya) and girl (Shraddha), they are not stars but they have maturity in terms of craft…we had to groomed them again,” Mahesh Bhatt said.

Shraddha is daughter of actor Shakti Kapoor who made her acting debut in 2010 with ‘Teen Patti’ alongside Amitabh Bachchan and R Madhavan, while Adtiya is brother of UTV Motion Pictures CEO Siddharth Roy Kapur who debuted with Vipul Shah’s film ‘London Dreams’ (2009) and later gained visibility for his roles in ‘Action Replayy’ and ‘Guzaarish’

Aditya and Shraddha

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Karakoram glaciers unaffected by global warming

News4u-Features Desk- LONDON: Glaciers nestling under the shadow of Diran and Rakaposhi, two towering peaks in the Karakoram Range of northern Pakistan, remain impervious to global warming and have even grown slightly in recent years, suggests a new study. 

Bucking regional and global trends that indicate ice loss, French glaciologists have confirmed that glaciers in HimalayanKarakoram have remained impervious to global warming and climate change.

The results have implications for local water supplies and glacial hazards and, the team says, underscore the value of high resolutionmonitoring in accurately determining regional scale glacial changes, the journal Nature Geoscience reports.

Additionally, the results “show that we need to be careful as glaciologists when we are extrapolating measurements made on a few small glaciers”, says Etienne Berthier, glaciologist at the Universite de Toulouse in France and study co-author.

Berthier says the next plan is to take a closer look at regional climate models and meteorological data “to better understand the origin of this anomaly”, according to a Toulouse statement.

They also hope to expand their geodetic surveying to the rest of the Himalayas, which, he says, would provide a “comprehensive and consistent dataset to really look at the difference between glaciers”.

Using spaceborne data to study a 5,615 sq km section of the Karakoram Range of northernPakistan and western China, the researchers found an increase in ice thickness of 0.11 (plus or minus 0.22) metres of water equivalent (w.e.) per year between 1999 and 2008.

Although small in magnitude, the value is significant because it diverges from best estimates of glacial ice volume change globally and over the entire Himalayan mountain range, which suggest a loss of about 0.4 to 0.8 metres per year.

Given the uncertainty in the measurement, “it’s not 100 percent sure” that there was really a mass gain, says Tobias Bolch, glaciologist at the University of Zurich in Switzerland.

But, says Bolch, who was not involved in the study but co-authored a recent review article on the current state of Himalayan glaciers in the journal Science, “what is clear is there is no significant mass loss”.

The results imply that the Karakoram glaciers might have lowered global sea levels over the period studied, albeit by only 0.006 mm per year. But previous estimates assuming the Karakoram glaciers had behaved like others in the Himalayas that had been better characterized suggested that their expected ice loss would have raised sea level by roughly 10 times as much.IANS

Karakoram glaciers

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Now, world’s fastest camera to detect ‘rogue’ cancer cells

News4u-Features Desk-WASHINGTON: Engineers have developed a new optical microscope that could make the tough task of distinguishing and isolating rare cells from among a large population of assorted cells for the early detection and monitoring ofcancer a whole lot easier. 

Typically, there are only a handful of them among a billion healthy cells, yet they are precursors to metastasis, the spread of cancer that causes about 90 percent of cancer mortalities.

Such “rogue” cells are not limited to cancer — they also include stem cells used for regenerative medicine and other cell types.

Unfortunately, detecting such cells is difficult. Achieving good statistical accuracy requires an automated, high-throughput instrument that can examine millions of cells in a reasonably short time.

Microscopes equipped with digital cameras are currently the gold standard for analyzing cells, but they are too slow to be useful for this application.

“To catch these elusive cells, the camera must be able to capture and digitally process millions of images continuously at a very high frame rate,” Bahram Jalali, who holds the Northrop Grumman Endowed Opto-Electronic Chair in Electrical Engineering at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science, said.

“Conventional CCD and CMOS cameras are not fast and sensitive enough. It takes time to read the data from the array of pixels, and they become less sensitive to light at high speed,” Jalali said.

The current flow-cytometry method has high throughput, but since it relies on single-point light scattering, as opposed to taking a picture, it is not sensitive enough to detect very rare cell types, such as those present in early-stage or pre-metastasis cancer patients.

To overcome these limitations, an interdisciplinary team of researchers led by Jalali and Dino Di Carlo, a UCLA associate professor of bioengineering, with expertise in optics and high-speed electronics, microfluidics, and biotechnology, has developed a high-throughput flow-through optical microscope with the ability to detect rare cells with sensitivity of one part per million in real time.

This technology builds on the photonic time-stretch camera technology created by Jalali’s team in 2009 to produce the world’s fastest continuous-running camera.

In the study, Jalali, Di Carlo and their colleagues describe how they integrated this camera with advanced microfluidics and real-time image processing in order to classify cells in blood samples.

The new blood-screening technology boasts a throughput of 100,000 cells per second, approximately 100 times higher than conventional imaging-based blood analyzers.

The study has been published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.ANI

world's fastest Cam to detect Cancer Cells

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Reduced sea ice, warming elevate Arctic temperatures

News4u-Features Desk- SYDNEY: Melting sea ice and global warmingare elevating Arctic temperatures up to four times faster than the global average, according to latest research. 

Ian Simmonds, professor from the University of Melbourne School of Earth Sciences and study co-author, said the findings showed this combination at ground and atmospheric levels played a key role in elevating Arctic warming rates.

“Loss of sea ice contributes to ground level warming while global warming intensifies atmospheric circulation and contributes to increased temperatures higher in the Arctic atmosphere,” Simmonds was quoted as saying in the journals Geophysical Research Letters and Nature.

James Screen from the School of Earth Sciences, who led the study, said: “When (Arctic) is heated, it reflects most of the incoming sunlight back into space. When the sea ice melts, more heat is absorbed by the water. The warmer water then heats the atmosphere above it,” said a university statement.

Simmonds said as temperatures increase across the globe, so does the intensity of atmospheric circulation. “This circulation transports energy to the Arctic region, increasing temperatures further up in the atmosphere.”IANS

warming elevate Arctic temperatures

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I will be your mistress forever, Bruni told Mick Jagger

News4u-Entertainment Desk- LONDON: Carla Bruni was so ‘hopelessly stuck’ on Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jaggerthat she travelled to Thailand with him just a day after his wife Jerry Hall gave birth to their daughter Georgia, a new book has claimed. In the book titled ‘Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger’ , writer Christopher Andersen has detailed the affair which would play a part in ending Jagger’s nine year marriage to Hall. 

Jagger had first laid eyes on Bruni, then a 23-year-old model during The Rolling Stones 1990 Urban Jungle tour when she was dating fellow rocker Eric Clapton. “I knew Carla would appeal to his eye,” the Daily Mail quoted Clapton as saying in the book. Clapton is reported to have ‘begged’ the frontman to stay away from Bruni.

“Please, Mick. Not this one. I think I’m in love,” he had said. However, an affair soon began between Bruni and Jagger.

Bruni’s affair with Jagger continued with the rocker even jetting off to Thailand the morning after Hall gave birth to daughter Georgia May in January 1992.

The book claims that Jagger and Bruni checked into a luxurious villa in Phuket where they ‘weren’t hiding’ their relationship. Hall remained in England to look after their new born baby, and managed to get through to Jagger by phone where she asked: “Who are you with? Are you with Carla?”

Jagger denied it, but Hall later ‘intercepted a written message from Carla Bruni to Mick Jagger’ .

The note from Bruni is alleged to have read: “I’ll be your mistress forever” . Bruni and Jagger started dating in 1992 and broke up seven years later as she grew tired of his excessive womanizing. ANI

Bruni and Mick Jagger

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Zoonoses lost in ‘no man’s land’

News4u-Features Desk- A territorial tussle between physicians and veterinarians is leading to neglect in research of zoonotic diseases and in turn hampering awareness campaigns for such animal-to-human diseases such as Rabies, Swine Flu, and TB, according to experts.

The Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) believes that research should be precursor to any awareness campaign about zoonotic diseases as the area has been neglected so far.

Zoonoses constitute about 60 per cent of all known human infections and 75 per cent of emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic and a new global study has put India as one of the “hotspots” for the highest incidence of zoonotic diseases.

According to a World Health Organization report, “We did a survey to find out the knowledge of Zoonoses among medical students and we were surprised to find out the results to be 40-60 percent,” says Manish Kakkar, Head of Zoonotic department at PHFI.

Even though Zoonoses Day is celebrated every year on July 6 to emphasize and bring awareness amongst people, and teach them to take right action experts believe that Zoonoses as a subject has not received the attention it deserves amongst academicians or policymakers and thus there is immense scope and demand for research in the area.

General physicians are of the perception that veterinarians should be dealing with zoonoses while veterinarians believe it is the former’s territory and the entire game of beliefs leaves the category of diseases in no man’s land.

“The need of the hour is not only research but relevant research and the syllabus at the medical schools also needs to be revised as far as the study of Zoonoses is concerned, and if we study the history of zoonotic disease India has faced outbreak of zoophytic diseases every second year including SARS, bird flu followed by swine flu and now encephalitis,” says Kakkar.

The WHO says there is growing recognition that an outbreak anywhere can potentially represent an emergency of international public health concern, hence increasing the need for research for advance preparedness as well as control measures.

“There is need for a heightened awareness of the possibility that new epidemics of zoonotic disease can and will emerge in unexpected places,” says a WHO spokesperson.

The Roadmap to Combat Zoo noses in India’s (RCZI) mission, a multi sectorial initiative for prevention and control of zoo noses has roped in experts from various organizations including WHO, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) , Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) and others for facilitating interdisciplinary communication and research.

“To bring zoonoses into ‘correct man’s land’ there is a need to have multi sector collaboration in the area. RCZI is an initiative with same vision” says Kakkar.

Manish Kakkar, Head of Zoonotic department at PHFI.

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The Amazing Spider-Man (Movie-Review)

News4u-Entertainment Desk-   Peter Parker wants to know the whereabouts of his parents… a search that takes him on a dangerous path….

Yes, we know Tobey Maguire no longer plays Spider-Man… and Sam Raimi no longer directs it. So we are not looking for them (or traces of their style) in The Amazing Spider-Man. We are not even making comparisons. But then is it really all that easy to undo the effect of the Spidey potion we have been guzzling since 2002, specially now that we have Andrew Garfield donning the Spidey suit for the first time ever… and Marc Webb directing it? Let’s try….

With great power comes great responsibility. Now who could understand this better than director Marc Webb. After all, the onus of re-booting the Spider-Man franchise lay with him. And now that the re-booting (be ready for a whole new series of your favourite super hero to follow soon) is in progress, you really wonder if the new team gives you more bang for the bigger buck. In fact, if the plot is anything to go by, the movie expects all Spider-Man fans to not begin where Peter Parker gets bitten by the deadly spider; go even further and find out why we never got to see his parents ever. And while you do that, there’s the usual crime still towering the streets of the Big Apple. But then more than all that, it’s the romance between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone that takes this Spider-Man movie to a whole new level of EQ (emotional quotient) stuff. And just in case you’re expecting a take-two of the famous upside-down Spider-Man-Kirsten Dunst kiss, rest assured: you’re not going to be disappointed. Something different in here, but equally smart.

Talk of different and there is more out there. Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone) is no longer the mute spectator that Mary-Jane was. For Emma, it’s all about taking control. If need be she is even ready to give a blow-or-two to the bad guy when Mr Spider-Man can’t handle all that mess alone. Next is Rhys Ifans, who as Dr Curt (Jekyll) Connors, ensures that as long as he is on screen, there is enough for Spider-Man to do… and enough for you to savour. Finally, for the man in question: Andrew Garfield. Needless to say, Andrew dexterously slips into Spidey’s suit (with a sense of humour), even as he excels in the pulverized, alter ego, Peter Parker.

But then, as Spider-Man, he takes too long to don the Spidey suit. In fact, for most part he is seen settling scores without the Spidey mask… after long, long gaps. Finally, even his web does not come naturally to him. He has to work to get that mechanism in place. Of course, when he does dizzily bungee jump across the Manhattan skyline - specially in the King Kong type climax — he still sends a thrill down your spine.

A word about Irrfan Khan. While Irrfan says it’s not a long role, Marc Webb says it’s pivotal. We say: You decide. courtesy toi…

The Amazing Spider-Man

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