Arvind Kejriwal is up against the visual media for ruining AAP in connivance with the opposition. He says that if you find a channel showing something factually incorrect, you must raise the issue and go for a public trial.

Kejriwal is today, angry with the same media who had raised him very high in the public eye & he is still reaping its fruits. In the same way people of Nepal were thankful to Indian TV channels for showing the havoc caused by the earth quake and thereby getting timely aid from all over the world.

The same Nepalese are now furious with Indian visual media for crossing the border lines of human sensitivity. The usual questions which the channel’s anchor asks the suffering Nepalese, outrage the sufferers. Imagine an old man, having lost all his family and belongings is asked - “How are you feeling?”. Now what kind of querry is this. Actually the anchor wants the old man to talk about his woes, to rouse the sympathy of the viewers. The viewer goes through this emotional atyachar twenty four hours of the day.

The same sympathy & sensitivity disappears altogether within miniutes of getting a more sensational news item. Suddenly the focus changes and the previous issue is completely forgotten.

Is it necessary to keep on harping a news item for the whole day till the viewer gets fed up and switches off the TV? Can’t the channel allot a certain time to a particular news and then pass on to the other in the line. There are thousands events which go unnoticed by the media in its hunger for sensationalism. Our villages and the north eastern part on India hardly ever figures in the prime time on these channels. Then, why should only negative side of life be shown on the TV? Isn’t anything good and worth showing, ever happening in this country.

As for Kejriwal’s grievance and his call to put media on trial, its just a gimmick. Where are the viewers who would go out to find out the authenticity of a news and take the chaanel to trial? The need of the hour is a Laxman Rekha drawn for the visual media in particular.

Who would bell the cat, is yet to be seen.


-Veera Chaturvedi







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