Commercialising Surrogacy

News4u- Feature Desk- By Veera Chaturvedi-The government has at last woken up to the fast growing cases of surrogacy in India. After banning commercial surrogacy, they are finalising a legislation to allow surrogacy only to childless Indian couples. After that the court would ponder over other issues relating to surrogacy, like the parental right over the surrogate child.

All over the world the Royal moms, refrained from feeding their babies for fear of losing their body curves. In such cases some lady ,mostly of the serving class, was engaged to feed the baby while her own child subsisted on cow’s milk. The poor woman accepted the work for it meant good money as well as respect in the Royal family.She was called Dhai Ma. We have the enthralling tale of Panna Dhai who sacrifised her own son to save the prince she had been feeding since birth. The point to be noted is that these Dhai mas were emotionally attached to the children they mothered.This love was accepted by the society.
However, the present generation has gone a step further,world over. Its not always the curse of being unable to bear a child but the unwillingness to go through the travails of child birth and losing one’s figure that has escalated the number of couples opting for a surrogate mother to bear a child for them.

Moreover with most of the women working in offices and outside their homes, this trend took up speed. Foreigners found an easy womb to fulfill their wishes with pockets jingling with money. Money became the important force to lure poor women of India to offer themselves as ‘Kiraye ki kokh’. Even actors like Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan added children to their family without their delicate wives going through the pangs of childbirth. In other words it has become a fashion to add children to one’s family by hiring a womb. It is just like buying a beautiful artifact to add to the home decor.

People argue that this has given many poor families a chance to earn a substantial amount of money and change their fortunes. Still human mind is not a machine and a woman’s womb cannot be treated like a nursery where seeds are planted to grow up in plants and sold to the needy. Sometime some where the mother’s mind is bound to feel a bonding with the infant she had borne for full nine months. Its not aginst human nature. In the ourse of time such a child could also like to know who had given birth to him and fed with her own blood.

The government has taken a good decision to ban commercialisation of surrogacy. The rich nations have always taken advantage of our poverty. After the flesh trade, surrogacy is going the same way with middlemen appearing here and there. Lets stop this insensitive use of women. However for a childless couple, with no other options, the laws can be relaxed.

Commercialising Surrogacy

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