News4u-Features Desk- A teenaged girl in Delhi is harassed and molested by some neighbouring goons. Her parents report the matter to the police. The harassment continues unabated and one day this girl is hacked to death while a full mohalla stands and watches without batting an eyelid.

Kejriwal says that he is not to blame for police inertia because the Police department is under Central rule. Its Modi who should be held repsonsible for the gruesome murder of the innocent girl.

What I feel is that the whole mohalla or colony where this unfortunate girl lived should be brought to books and punished severly. Their crime , being inhuman and insensitive to fellow human sufferings.

In better times if a mohalla boy went astray the elders of the colony made it a point to talk to the family of the errant boy and bring peace around. Now that the relations amongst the inhabitants of the colony are missing, we have all become islands and drifted apart even from our next door neighbour. Hence when a girl is being moletsted right in front of our eyes, nobody lifts a finger. When a girl is being hacked to death in broad day light, people all around watch it silently as if a drama is being enacted before them.

Let Kejriwal and the police sort out their differences and decide as to who should be punished. I for one believe that the real criminals are those who just stand and watch the cruel incident, helplessly. Suppose ten or twenty of them had gathered together & dared to stop the hooligans, I am sure the goons would have left the girl alone. A little courage and unity from the onlookers would have saved a precious life.

Man is called a social animal who can not live without the company of his own clan. However we seem to have become beasts prying on our own kith and kin. We neither care nor help our fellow beings. For the murder of the likes of the Delhi girl, the whole society, the colony should be punished and punished severly.

By - Veera Chaturvedi

girl in Delhi is harassed and molested

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