News4u-Features Desk- The Whites, be they Europeans or the Britishers, always considered themselves above every one else. They took upon themselves to rule over the world and write the destiny of the lesser beings inhabiting this earth. By and by their illusions were shattered and they had to withdraw themselves inside their own boundaries. The British, the French, the Dutch and the Portugies were all beaten back from where they had established their colonies. Yet the Pride, the cockiness and arrogance remained.

The French published magazine “Charlie Hebdo” is a living example of their arrogance and highhandedness. While the world stands united against the Islamic Terrorists, I respect their anguish and anger at their religion being mocked by the French. I do not even for a second side with terrorists, as killing, for any reason whatsoever can never be forgiven. It is inhuman and monstrous. However the question arises why should anyone be given a right to mock a religion, lampooning and downgrading it to the extent that even Americans and some other Wise heads took upon themselves to warn them against it.

If Muslims are extra touchy about their religion the same can be said of Chritians. When Dan Brown, a few years back deviated from the Biblical story about Christ , a storm rose against him. They had till recently refrained from showing the face of Christ on silver screen as they considered it as sacriligous. They are the ones who burnt Bruno alive and punished Copernicus for saying something against their religious belief. So many books have been banned and voices choked who dared to open their mouths against Christianity.

Now the same people are making fun of a religion which to its followers is dearer than life. If they react the way they did, its nothing to be shocked about. Even we the Hindus who keep a straight face when god Ram is made a butt of jokes, were angry when MF Hussain painted the hindu goddesses in the nude. We are very tolerant people, the world knows it, yet we also react when god Ganesha’s image is pasted on a bottle of wine. Every one is free to hold one’s belief and faith as desired. Why should a Charlie Hebdo make fun of a religion and the world not condemn it.

Now they are all set to repeat the folly with nods from irrational heads round the world. If now the terrorists raise havoc, even innocent people would be killed this time, those who do not even know what Islam is and why a cartoon should bring about the end of their lives.

By : Veera Chaturvedi
Veera Chaturvedi is a renowned author . She has many books to her credit. She is a freelancer you can find more of her articles on http://ipen-veera.blogspot.in/


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