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I want to be a legend: Usain Bolt

News4u-Sports Desk-LONDON: With only two months to go before the London Olympics, Usain Bolt is slowing down. Only off the track, though. 

While still only 25 years old, the triple Olympic champion is realizing he doesn’t have the energy levels he once enjoyed.

Late nights are out, and getting to bed by 11 p.m. is the new regime.

“When you become older it’s the fact you don’t have enough energy like once,” Bolt said on Friday. “I could stay up all night and (then) go running, but now it’s not the same. You need enough rest, and for me that’s OK because you learn. You live and you learn.”

The Jamaican sprinter may be known for his relaxed attitude and fun-loving antics, but he’s dead serious when it comes to what actually matters — defending his three Olympic golds in London in August.

“You have to look at it seriously,” he said. “I have a goal, I want to be a legend. And this Olympics, I think, will be the one to make it (so) because it’s in London, it’s central, it’s where everyone is watching.”

Track and field fans are watching every time Bolt runs these days, and they weren’t too impressed with his start to the European season last month. Bolt clocked a downright slow — by his standards — 10.04 in winning a 100-meter race in Ostrava, Czech Republic. However, the world record-holder’s blistering pace returned on Thursday night, when he electrified theDiamond League meet in Rome with a season’s best 9.76.

“Take my eye of the ball? It was just one of those things,” Bolt recalled in a London hotel, wearing a Bob Marley T-shirt. “I came to Europe and didn’t get enough rest and it was an off day in (Ostrava).

“Now that I know that if I don’t get enough sleep in Europe … I will be off form so I am happy it happened when it happened,” Bolt said. “I wouldn’t call it a blip, but a learning experience.”

And what he learned all goes back to getting a good night’s sleep.

“I try not to sleep in the days, I really try to stay up because that’s the problem,” he said. “Normally when I felt I want sleep I just go to sleep in the middle of the day, and then when night comes I’m wide awake.

“So now I try to stay awake — wide awake — until probably 11, have a shower and just go to bed.”

But his new quest for plenty of rest isn’t going to take anything away from his Olympic experience. Bolt has insisted on staying with the Jamaican team in the Olympic village among the thousands of other athletes during the July 27-August 12 games, even though his star status could possibly become a distraction.

Staying somewhere more private just wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable.

“People who stay outside the Olympic Village for me are weird because why wouldn’t you want to stay with you friends, with your teammates, laugh and just have fun — play dominos, just chit chat about everything, motivate the other person,” Bolt said. “There are so many things to do in the village and it keeps, it gets you closer to your teammates, it gets you closer to people. You might pick up a few things.”

Bolt is yet to visit the Olympic Stadium where he hopes to “stamp my name in history.”

He hasn’t been avoiding the track. He just doesn’t seem to have been invited.

“I would love to go there,” he said. “I like to walk the track at least once. … For me, I stop at the 100 meters and look down the straight and then visualize for 20 seconds, 1 minute, just to think about it.”

On Friday, he had to think about it all from a hotel just a seven-minute train ride away from the Olympic Stadium after striking some of his trademark poses on the runway during a launch of the Jamaica kit he’ll be wearing at the games. The green, yellow and black Puma kit was designed by Bob Marley’s daughter, Cedella Marley.

Bolt established himself as a global superstar in Beijing, winning both the 100 and 200-meter titles in world-record times, and helping Jamaica win gold and set another world record in the 4×100-meter relay. His latest world records of 9.58 in the 100 and 19.19 in the 200 were set at the 2009 world championships in Berlin.

Most people are taking for granted that he’ll win both races again in London — the only question is: how fast can he go?

“Everybody wants 9.4, I heard people talking about running 18 (in the 200),” Bolt said. “So for me, the key is just to take my time, work my way up. I’m 80 percent now and I’m going to go back home and work on my technique, work on my strength, speed endurance a little bit more and get up to 100 percent.

“So hopefully when I get to 100 percent those times could be possible.”

In Beijing, Bolt drew some criticism for completing the 100 race with arms outstretched while pounding his chest, and then marking his triumph in the 200 by putting his face inches from a TV camera, raising an index finger and yelling, “I am No. 1! I am No. 1!”

While he’s likely to go full speed to the finish line this time, there’s no way that Bolt’s natural instinct to be an entertainer will be subdued.

“I give them a show, they don’t mind,” he said. “It’s not like I run, wave and go home. It’s fun at the start line, I’m laughing … there are so many different ways I interact with the crowds. It makes it easy for me, and easy for them to love me.”AP


Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt

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Pak Parliament turns into boxing ring

News4u-News Desk- Pakistani opposition lawmakers and members of the treasury benches on Friday engaged in fisticuffs as finance minister Abdul Hafeez Shaikh presented the government’s new budget in parliament amidst uproar.

Members of the main opposition PML-N, who were protesting against power cuts and corruption during Shaikh’s speech, scuffled with lawmakers of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party in the National Assembly or lower house of parliament. 

2 US officers back in Pak: Pentagon

After a tense seven month stand-off, Pakistan has allowed two US military liaison officers back on its turf, a move largely seen as a small but “significant” sign of cooperation. Denying reports that US trainers are back in Pakistan, the Pentagon clarified that it was two liaison officers, who had returned for coordination purposes.PTI


Pakistan Parliament

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US economy not moving fast enough: Obama

News4u-News Desk- WASHINGTON: The American economy is not moving fast enough although it has made significant progress in the past couple of years, US PresidentBarack Obama has said amid dismal job addition numbers released yesterday.

“We are moving in the right direction. But we’re not moving as fast as we could be,” Obama said at a presidential campaign event in his home town of Chicago.

“There’s a sense, even with a disappointing jobs report today (Friday) because of what’s happening in Europe — we’re now a global economy, it’s integrated, so when something happens across the Atlantic or across the Pacific it gives us a shock,” he said.

Citing turn-around in the auto sector, Obama added however that his Administration made right decisions for the growth of the economy although they weren’t always popular.

“Because of those decisions, we were out there exporting goods once again all around the world. Because of those decisions, the ship was righted and we started growing again, and started producing jobs again,” he said.

The US has seen over 4 million jobs created over the last couple years. In the last six months alone over 800,000 jobs were created, the strongest manufacturing job growth since the 1990s, Obama said.

The President acknowledged that the campaign this time would focus on economy.

“The essence of this campaign is going to be about the economy. It’s going to be about how do we create an economy that works for everybody, that is dynamic, that is competitive, that meets the challenges of the 21st century, and provides a platform where everybody who’s willing to work hard can succeed,” he said.

The steps his administration took in 2009 and 2010 have helped to stabilised this economy, Obama said.

He also added that the debate is going to have to extend beyond just how do we solve immediate global economic crisis and “it’s going to be how do we make sure that every child is getting the kind of education they need in the 21st century”.

It’s going to be how the US makes progress on energy independence and clean energy, Obama said

“How we’re going to make sure that we are reducing the costs of health care while improving the quality of health care — because we are still spending 17 or 18 per cent of our GDP on health care,” he added.PTI

US President Barack Obama : N Korea does not meet statutory criteria to be designated as state sponsor of terrorism

Barack Obama

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NRHM scam: CBI raid at Ex UP Minister’s premises

News4u - News Desk : New Delhi, The CBI on Saturday carried out searches at the premises of former UP Minister Anant Mishra in Lucknow and in Kanpur in connection with its probe in the NRHM scam.

CBI teams seized some “incriminating” documents related to the National Rural Health Mission from Mishra’s premises, sources said here.

The agency has already questioned Mishra twice in connection with the death of deputy CMO Y S Sachan.

 The CBI has registered 13 cases regarding alleged irregularities in the NRHM scam in Uttar Pradesh and is planning to register three new cases soon.PTI



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Passage at sea should ensure access for all: Antony

News4u-News Desk- With the strategic South China Sea almost near a flashpoint, India today said maritime freedom cannot be exclusive prerogative of a few and ”passage at sea should be preserved to ensure access for all”.

“…In an era of globalisation and interdependence, the balance between the rights of States and the freedoms of the larger global community is vital for international trade and global security,” Defence Minister A K Antony said in apparent reference to Chinese buildup in the area.

“India has always championed and advocated adherence to the international regime which governs maritime freedoms, even while asserting our national sovereignty where it is applicable,” he said in his speech at the annual Security Forum in Singapore, where developments in the South China Sea were in sharp focus.
His reference to buildup in the region came as the US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta announced at the conference that Washington is moving the majority of its warships into Asia-Pacific region in the coming years.

Panetta said under the new military strategy US would keep six aircraft carriers in the region as he acknowledged differences between the world’s two largest economies on a range of issues, including South China Sea.

Speaking on Indian perspective on “Protecting Maritime Freedoms”, Antony said, “Maritime security issues have become a strategic priority for us, especially from the aspect of trade, commerce, hydrocarbon resources, terrorism, piracy and drug trafficking.”

The South China Sea is vital with about 90 per cent of the global trade moving by sea through the teeming shipping lanes in the Indian ocean and Strait of Malacca.
“There are two different aspects to this imperative,” Antony said. “The first is the concern for safeguarding our territories and our adjacent waters against seaborne threats and the second is the desire to ensure that the traditional freedoms at sea are preserved to ensure access for all.”Antony also urged China and member countries of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) to discuss and settle South China Sea disputes [involving some islands] among themselves.
India, he said, welcomed the efforts of the parties concerned in engaging in discussions and the recently agreed guidelines on the implementation of the 2002 Declaration of the Conduct of Parties between China and ASEAN.

“We hope that the issues will be resolved through dialogue and negotiations,” he said.

The Defence Minister referred to China by name as he expressed concern over hike in its defence spending, but said New Delhi did not perceive Beijing as a threat.
Favouring a stable and continuous relations with its neighbour, Antony said that the two countries had started a military-to-military cooperation.

“We had contacts at the army level, but of late we have started extending them to the navies of the two nations.”

“It is the beginning,” he said in answers to a question on ties with China, adding, “At the moment it is on the exchange of information on anti-piracy.”PTI

Defence Minister A K Antony

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Petrol prices cut by Rs 2 a litre with effect from midnight

News4u- News Desk-  NEW DELHI: Petrol price will be cut by Rs 2 per litre with effect from midnight tonight.
State-owned oil firms will reduce petrol price by Rs 1.68 per litre, excluding taxes. After including 20 per cent VAT, the cut in Delhi comes to Rs 2 per litre, industry sources said.

Petrol after last week’s steepest ever hike of Rs 7.54 a litre costs Rs 73.18 per litre in Delhi. After the reduction, it will cost Rs 71.18 a litre.

State-run oil companies agreed to a partial rollback of the petrol price hike after public outrage at the sharp rise in the price of petrol.

Congress allies and the opposition, alike, had protested the steepest-ever rise in petrol prices and demanded a rollback.PTI

petrol pump

petrol pump

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lowest temperature hits 2-year high, rain on cards today

News4u-News Desk-NEW DELHI: After Thursday afternoon saw the temperature shoot to the season’s highest at 45.4 degrees Celsius , the city sizzled even at night. The minimum temperature on Friday was at a twoyear high at 34.3 degrees Celsius , a whopping seven degrees above normal.

But respite could well be on its way, with the Met department predicting the likelihood of a thunderstorm and light rain over the weekend. The maximum temperature on Friday, yet another scorcher, was 44.4 degrees Celsius , a degree below the previous day’s high but still four degrees above normal.
After Thursday afternoon saw the temperature shoot to the season’s highest at 45.4 degrees Celsius, the city sizzled even at night. The minimum temperature on Friday was at a two-year high at 34.3 degrees Celsius, a whopping 7 degrees above normal.

But respite could well be on its way, with the Met department predicting the likelihood of a thunderstorm and light rain over the weekend. The maximum temperature on Friday was 44.4 degrees Celsius, a degree below the previous day’s high but still four degrees above normal.

The capital’s minimum temperature reached a two-year high at 34.3 degrees Celsius on Friday. “Heavy moisture, partly cloudy sky and suspended dust particles caused the minimum temperature to rise. In June 2010, the minimum temperature had touched 35 degrees Celsius,” said B P Yadav, director, India Meteorological department.

For the third time in the week, the city’s power consumption touched a new all-time high on Friday when the demand at 4.07pm shot up to 5,178MW.

He said easterly winds from West Bengal were bringing in moisture. “So we can expect the maximum temperature to go down by two to four degrees over the next 48 hours. Some parts of the city could get rain on Saturday,” Yadav added.

According to Met officials, the maximum and minimum temperature on Saturday are likely to be 43 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees.

“Delhi experienced the hottest day and hottest night uninterrupted as Thursday had recorded the highest maximum at 45.4 degrees Celsius, followed by Friday’s highest minimum,” said Sumegha Sharma, a resident of Mayur Vihar I.

She said nights were getting unbearably hot.

“There have been frequent power cuts in our area,” she said. There were complaints of loadshedding in several parts of the city, particularly south Delhi where residents say power supply in the morning was erratic.

South, southwest and west Delhi have also been witnessing an acute water crisis over the past two days. The Haiderpur treatment plant has only been partially functional because of shortage in supply of raw water from Haryana. DJB officials said they are in talks with Haryana.Agencies

Hot Summer

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Ruchika’s family withdraws torture charges against Rathore

News4u-News Desk-The family of Ruchika Girhotra, who committed suicide after being molested by former Haryana DGP SPS Rathore, has raised no objection to CBI’s closure reports dropping torture charges against the cop.

The reports filed by the investigating agency say there’s no evidence to prove that Ruchika’ brother Ashu Girhotra was tortured while in police custody or that the signatures of her father, S C Girhotra, had been forged on the victim’s post-mortem report.

The closure reports, filed by the agency in 2010 in these two cases, were accepted by the CBI court in Panchkula, Haryana, yesterday.

Appearing before the Panchkula court, S C Girhotra and his son Ashu raised no objection to the CBI move.

Ashu had alleged that a false case of auto theft was registered against him after the molestation incident at the behest of Rathore, who was then a IG rank officer, and the Haryana police had tortured him.

However, the CBI in its report had maintained that there was no evidence to back the charge.

Teenager Ruchika, who was a budding tennis player, had committed suicide three years after the molestation incident in August 1990.

69-year-old Rathore is currently out on bail after spending around six months in jail serving a sentence of 18 months in the main case relating to the molestation charge.He has appealed against the sentence in the molestation case.

S C Girhotra had in his complaint alleged that his signatures were taken on blank papers during the postmortem proceedings of Ruchika, who committed suicide in December 1993.

Girhotra had earlier said his daughter’s name was intentionally changed to Ruby and his name mentioned from SC Girhotra to his full name Subhash Chand, apparently to cover up the matter.

The closure report mentioned that during inquest proceedings after Ruchika’s suicide, S C Girhotra had himself disclosed his name as Subhash Chand and that of his daughter as Ruby.

Speaking to reporters in Panchkula, Anand Prakash, family friend of the Girhotras, who had spearheaded the fight to get justice for Ruchika in the molestation case, said Ruchika’s father told him that they were “disappointed” that the CBI had gone ahead and filed the closure report.

“Girhotra told me that he wants to lead a peaceful life now and cannot continue fighting the system endlessly,” he said.

Girhotra could not be contacted for his comments, with his family saying he was out of station.PTI

Ruchika Case

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Chinese military spending a ‘threat’: Japan

News4u - News Desk :SINGAPORE”: Japan on Saturday expressed concern over what it called a lack of transparency in China’s massive defence spending, saying the secrecy posed a “threat” to Tokyo.

China’s military budget jumped 11.2 percent year on year to $106 billion in 2012, a rise that has caused unease around the region and especially in Tokyo, Japan’s Parliamentary senior vice-minister of defense Shu Watanabe said.

“There is expansion of the military budget and that is not transparent,” he told defence chiefs and senior officials attending an Asia security summit, the Shangri-La Dialogue, in Singapore.

Because of the lack of transparency, Japan is in the dark about the details of China’s military spending, he said.

“Chinese military budget growth, what sort of capacities they are trying to expand and what sort of purposes they have are not transparent and in that sense it is a threat,” Watanabe added.

He said the unease generated by the issue contrasted with generally positive cultural and economic relations Tokyo has with Beijing.

“On the military front there are some concerns. I think all countries are the same on that front,” he said.

China’s growing military presence and assertive stance, especially in the South China Sea, where it has overlapping territorial claims with other Asian nations, have rattled nerves in the region as well as in Washington.

US Senator John McCain said in a press conference on the sidelines of the summit that China should be more open about its defence spending.

“What I would like to see is much more transparency on the part of the Chinese government as to how much money is being spent, what it’s being spent on and what their overall strategy should be,” he said.

“I don’t view that China’s military buildup is necessarily directed at the United States of America but I do worry when we don’t know exactly how much money is spent, what it’s on and we would also like to hear what their doctrine will be.”

Addressing the conference, Indian defence minister AK Antony said New Delhi was also concerned about China’s military spending.

“Even though we don’t believe in an arms race, since China has increased their military capabilities and spending more on defence, in our own way, to protect our national interest, we are also strengthening our capabilities in our borders,” he said.AFP


Japan Flag

Japan Flag

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Pentagon to shift warships to Pacific: Panetta

News4u - News Desk : SINGAPORE: The Pentagon will shift more Navy warships to the Asia-Pacific region over the next several years, and by 2020, about 60 percent of the fleet will be assigned there as part of a new strategy to increase US presence in Asia, defense secretary Leon Panetta said Saturday.

While noting it may take years to complete the transition, Panetta assured his audience at a security conference in Singapore that US budget problems and cutbacks would not get in the way of changes. He said the defense dpartment has money in the five-year budget plan to meet those goals.

Speaking at the annual Shangri-La Dialogue conference, Panetta provided some of the first real details of the Pentagon’s impending pivot to the Pacific.

“It will take years for these concepts, and many of the investments that I just detailed, but we are making those investment in order that they be fully realized,” Panetta said in a speech opening the conference. “Make no mistake, in a steady, deliberate and sustainable way, the United States military is rebalancing and is bringing an enhanced capability development to this vital region.”

His promises, however, are likely to be met with scepticism from some nations that are aware of the coming budget cuts and have watched the US send the bulk of its military might to Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade. The boost in ship presence could increase tensions with China, where leaders have said they are unhappy with any larger US presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

A key area of dispute is the South China Sea, which China claims almost entirely as its own. But Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and the Philippines also have territorial claims there. The U.S. has pressed for a diplomatic solution to the disagreements but has also made it clear that freedom of navigation is critical in the region.

Overall, however, Panetta tamped down his criticism of China, choosing instead to issue broad warnings about the use of force in the South China Sea to block access. He praised China and Taiwan for working to improve their relationship across the Taiwan Strait.

He said he is looking forward to visiting China later this year, adding that he wants to see the U.S. and China deepen their military ties, including on counterdrug programs and humanitarian aid. Panetta acknowledged that some see the increased presence of the US in the region as a direct challenge to China. But he rejected that view, saying that a greater U.S. presence in the Asia-Pacific will benefit China and improve regional security.

The increased US naval presence in the Pacific will allow the US to boost the number and size of the military exercises in the region in the next few years and to plan for more port visits over a wider area, including the Indian Ocean. Last year, the U.S. military participated in 172 exercises in the region involving 24 counties.

Currently, the Navy has about 285 ships, with roughly half assigned to each coast, but that total may decline a bit as some ships are retired in the coming years and may not be replaced. The current fleet includes 11 aircraft carriers, with six assigned to the Pacific. But those numbers are slated to go down later this year, dipping to 10 carriers, with five assigned to Pacific ports in San Diego, Washington state and Japan.

Panetta, however, said he intends to go back to having six carriers in the Pacific in the coming years. And he said the Pacific will also eventually host a majority of the Navy’s cruisers, destroyers, submarines and littoral combat ships, which operate in close to shore.

Numbers, however, aren’t everything. So Panetta assured the conference that the region will also get ships that have greater technological capabilities. He did not elaborate on what those might be, but he noted that the U.S. expects to deploy more enhanced and high-tech submarines and fighter aircraft, along with new electronic warfare and communications systems.

Panetta is on a nine-day trip across Asia, with planned stops in Vietnam and India. AP

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta

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